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1024×768 resolution on Asus EeePc with out scrolling

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The Asus EeePc is a great little laptop yes. But the resolution is to low for most things that people do.

So how do we fix this?

Get hacked drivers that will scale 800×600 and 1024×768 down to the eeepc’s native resolution. But you may want to just visit www.monitornerds.com/oled-pc-monitors and buy a new monitor to get better resolution. But you might be able to hack your driver to increase your resolution, how do you do this?

Read on πŸ˜€

http://downloads.themodshop.net/data/eeepc/eeepc_vga_scale_drivers.zip is where the drivers are located

Ok I finally got it wrote…

Click Start then right click on my computer then select properties

Goto the hardware tab and select Devices.

In the devices menu find display adapter.

Right click on the display adapters and click update driver.

Click Install manually

Then select Dont search I will select the driver to install.

Then click have disk and navigate to where you extracted the drivers.

This will install the drivers to your system.

Do this for both video adapters and then restart your EeePc and you should now be able to use 800×600 and 1024×768 scaled.

*Disclaimer* If your Eee breaks for some reason its not my fault TRY AND YOUR OWN RISK

This hack requires windows XP

but its quick easy and well worth it.


Just a side note

My Eee is the EeePc 4g running XP Media Center 2005

[edit] Props to LazerTag from the eeeuser forums for making these drivers.


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