200th post – Oh how far we have come

Oh how far we have come since 2006. I never was sure what to do with TMS when I first bought it. I have had Joomla PHP Nuke SMF and about every other thing you could imagine. It was even a clan site at one time. But on November 11th 2007 I decided to give wordpress a try. Since then we have made 199 posts [not including this one] and gotten a ton of views to the site. Currently we get around 5000 8000 unique views per month. Not to bad ;). I know it does not come close to competing with those bigger guys [engadget lifehacker gizmodo..ect..ect] but for being [mostly] ad free and ran by 2 people [well mostly just myself now days] it seems we are doing just fine. If you read the blog often you will notice that there has been 1 blog post per day for a while now. Well my hope is to keep that going and maybe even make it more than 1 post per day this year! I realize that it sometimes sucks but hey no one else is stepping up to help out :P. Anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed it so far and I hope to bring the modding goodness to you all for years to come!


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