A quick Change, For the better.

Well Tracker was quick (Very Quick) to point out that I missed the 3rd’s post, true. However I have been looking at the two posts I’v done and I will be honest, I feel I must apologize for them, they are not the quality that this site deserves! So iv decided that instead of a 2-a-day post schedule to make it 2 a week. Now I might do more depending on how much free time I have. But I promise that these posts will be of much higher quality and you can be sure that they will be much more useful. There is also the podcast to look forward to, me and Tracker will be definitely doing that. So here is what I have in store for you guys right now:

1. Setting up an CS:S server from a control panel, complete with reviews of different plug-ins and add-ons. Screen shots will be there of course, and if I can, ill be doing a video on it as well. Videos are new to me so it should be interesting.

2. Game mods, lots of them! Lots of reviews, This will include Ratings, Screen Shots, and hopefully game play videos! (This one is my favorite)

3. Nuking your media library into shape!

4. Live Video Streaming! Me and Tracker have found a variety of video streaming sites, where one can stream themselves playing games, or making mods! We both plan on doing this very soon, and I also plan on reviewing the different services and how to set up your own stream.

Well I hope this makes up for missing one post on best teether, and I hope you will be able to understand the need to down step our post count, we want to make sure your not bombarded with crap, here at TMS its all about doing it cause we can, and hopefully cause its useful.


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