Asus Eee Box Available Now, Tracker Want?

Eee Box Picture

So Most People Should know that Tracker is practically obsessed with all things Eee. And lucky for him Asus is determined to milk the crap out of the Eee Brand. Did any one here about there huge list of new models? Well On top of that the new Asus Eee Box- Basically is like a tiny desktop -Which was officially available yesterday. However Wanted to wait until I was sure there wouldn’t be any delays. So the question might be ” Is TMS getting a Eee Box?” Well Probably not at a $350.00 Price tag that’s for sure. Hell for a little bit more I could overhaul my main desktop and have a machine that could crush that lil’cutesy looking “Box”. Although if I was in need of a computer to do say… only internet tasks? and I was in a tight position with money like most people then hey this could be the answer to their prayers. Usually I [Dark] and Tracker need more power, and there are loads of times where I wish Trackers Eee PC could be more powerful so he could help me with things when he isnt around. But the Eee PC is portable, this “Box” is not. So good? bad? Well its up to two things.

1. Do you really need it?

2. Is your wallet big enough?

One thought on “Asus Eee Box Available Now, Tracker Want?”

  1. I agree the only reason I like the Eeepc 701 that I have is because its portable and has good battery life. If it wasn’t for that then I would have a more powerful laptop sure.

    When shopping for it tho I wanted something that was going to do what I need it to do when mobile and do it in a compact form. That is why I got the eeepc. I might get another eeepc laptop or maybe another UMPC but as far as the eeebox or any other mini desktop. I see no point as I need it to do far more than that is able to do.

    As it stands now my Dual core P4 overclocked to 3.5ghz is not even cutting it so how the hell could that?

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