A new face and a new mod

welcome one ad all to my mad, mad mind

Welcome one and all to my mad brain, I am 38 and have been modding since I first realized they didn’t make Stretch Armstrong just right when I was 5. I am looking forward to sharing some of my mods with you and have already begun my first mod for your perusal.

I am currently working on a desk mod, and hoping to have a companion water cooling mod to come soon afterwards if it is feesable (and less than my yearly salary to complete) I have children who will help me with some of these mods, so the little people you will see are not a product of your imagination nor the effect of a drunken night of photoshopping midgets into random posts.

I hope you enjoy and as a teaser this is a photo of my test bed for my desk project.

A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.
A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.