How To Root Non-Sprint HTC Hero!

We all know I cant leave well enough alone and have to do more on my phone than what its suppose to do so within the first 24 hours of having my android phone it was rooted!

I am on the Bluegrass Cellular network. It is a CDMA based phone that operates on a network just like verizon. This method may work for other carriers but I have only confirmed it on Bluegrass… There are reports of it working on Cellular South as well via the XDA-Developers forum

The instructions are very simple and I am pulling them from the XDA-Developers Forum on a post made by markachee. I will be adding my own information in as well.

1. I give no guarantees for anything that may or may not result from following these instructions (or any mistakes made).
2. Doing this will probably void your warranty, BUT as long as you don’t run some other carrier’s RUU (not talking about ROMs here, talking about the official upgrade files. what’s important is that your hboot version doesn’t change) you can always just flash your carrier’s RUU to go back to unrooted completely stock.

Known issues:
NONE! This is a clean procedure that leaves your current rom as is. Any issues you have will be related to whatever ROMs you choose to flash or additional packages you choose to flash to your current rom

The chances of you breaking your phone are VERY VERY slim but if it does break you are the one responsiblie for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. Upgrade to 2.1
We know this works with the initial 2.1 updates, but later updates may patch it. If you have installed additional updates from your carrier, you may have to flash the original RUU to be able to root.

I took my phone down to bluegrass and had them do this step for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

2. Download and extract the Android SDK
You really only need this for the adb binary. If anyone can suggest a better way to get it than downloading the entire SDK, let me know.

3. Download and install HTC Sync
Some carriers have specific versions of HTC Sync (I know Cellular South does).
You could also just install the adb drivers.

4. Download the hack and extract it to your SDK tools directory. (or wherever you have adb)
It’s attached to this post.

5. Turn on USB Debugging on your phone
Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging

6. Plug your phone in USB

7. Run the script
For Windows this is runindos.bat. You should be able to just double click it.
That’s it. This will flash the Darch version of AmonRA’s recovery.

At this point you should probably backup your current stock rom (see Recovery guide below) and backup your PRL. (navalynt has good instructions on this in his root guide).

Now you can flash a custom rom or just flash the provided (see Recovery guide below) for Superuser Permissions (root) within your current rom.

I did not bother with a custom rom all I did was flash using the that was included in the download.


Recovery is where you can backup, restore, and flash ROMs or additional app zips.

To enter Recovery mode on your phone, power the phone off. Then hold home and press the power button. Keep holding home until you get the recovery screen.

You’ll see several options, but the first thing you’ll want to use is Backup.I’ve always used the nandroid option, not sure of the differences between it and bart. Backing up does exactly what you’d expect: copies your current ROM to your sd card. It doesn’t change anything on the phone. It does take a few minutes so be patient.

Most roms will suggest you wipe first, and there is a menu option for that in recovery also. Just choose wipe, then factory reset. This does nothing to your sd card and only wipes application data (app installed from the market, settings for any app, etc).

After you’ve backed up, Recovery is also where you flash new ROMs or additions to your current ROM. It’s easiest to pick a rom you want on your pc, and transfer it to your phone over usb. you can either do this the normal way, or if you’re already in recovery, there is a USB-MS option you can use. Some Recoveries require flashable zips to be in the root of your sd card (not in any directory). After the ZIP is on your sd card, choose “install zip from sdcard” and pick the zip of the ROM you want. That’s it. After it’s done flashing, reboot your phone. If you wiped and flashed a full ROM, the first will take several minutes.

If you flash a ROM and either get stuck in a boot loop or just don’t like it, go back into recovery under the Backup option and choose nandroid restore. Pick the option you get (it’s a directory named with your phone’s serial number) and you’ll see a list of backups named with the date/time they were created. Choose which one you want to restore, wait a few minutes, then reboot and you’ll be back to exactly where you were.

You can download all the files needed using the following link or goto THIS thread on XDA and follow the links to the main sources.

Big thanks goes out to all those who developed this hack and took the time to perfect it!



New Toy!

So I got a great deal on a HTC Hero for Bluegrass Cellular and got it in the mail a couple days ago… Hopefully I will have info on rooting as well as a review and some other stuff shortly…

On another note I do have it rooted and tethered to my laptop and the speeds are comparable to my home DSL connection…

Above is my laptop through the cell phone

And this is my home DSL connection… Slightly higher upload and lower ping but sadly also a lower download speed.


Lack of updates…..

Ok so you may have noticed that over the past few months there has been a serious lack of updates on the site and the cause of that is simply put life. With all that’s going on I have not had the time to work on any of my sites.

That is why I need everyone’s help. The reason for not posting is that I don’t have time to come up with the content. So what I need you to do is go out and find all the best mods or create your own stuff. Send it into me via the contact us page and it may end up on the site. If you have your own blog post your mod there and send me the link. Its a good way for you to get your site noticed by others ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hopefully I can come up with some new content soon.


Under Construction: BOJANGLES

Bragging Rights?????

Ok, so we have on here the nice F-150, so let’s add the car as well…these are both projects. This car however kicks the truck so far ๐Ÿ˜› This is a battle of the sexes so to speak….the car however has undergone quite a bit more construction. This was MY first car back in ’08, and I still haven’t got it on the road yet; with good reason though. It’s been gradually modified as a hobby and passion since I’ve gotten it! The headers have been shaved down, new head and exhaust manifold gasket, new alternator just recently put on by *Tracker* (only one left in Bowling Green ๐Ÿ˜› Lucky me!) and did I forget to mention the system? Oh yes, of course it has that….which is solely why Tracker has started with them! Show off pics so far:

{This is my little Legacy 800WATT show amp, the big amp is under the passenger seat…MTX 2300WATT old school!}

{These are my PB subs….12 inches….gotta love a hatch back, right? On top is two 5×9 Pioneers, and the door speakers have been redone with Pioneer show speakers as well ๐Ÿ˜› Note the vice grips…They hold up the hatch back that’s the next thing on the list of things to be fixed: Hydraulic lifters }

{This is the head set radio…also a Pioneer….it’s got blue graphics that play across it to the music…swimming mermaids, racecars, and various equalizers…..very nice toy as well :P}

{This is interior…very well kept, of course. All power too…bet you never would of thought this was a 1993 model!}

{Well, this is all so far…hopefully next post will have a new exhaust…about only thing left to redo on it}

So, this is MY project…..and yes, it may be a ’93 ford PROBE, but this is one car I’m not getting rid of anytime soon! Names mean nothing to me because this is one of the fastest cars I’ve ever driven, and word to the wise: don’t buy one unless you like speed because anyone will tell you they like to be stunted ๐Ÿ˜›


Download site:ย

This is the follow up for the DVD decrypter. This also may not be the newest version, but it is easy, fast, and convenient to use. All you do is click open disc or open files, select from the pop-up which files you want to shrink, and then wait till it’s done! This program automatically sets everything up for you, and saves to the hard drive. I rate the site a 10. They were no spam or hassle, and had no hidden viruses. Great site!

I Give To You…..DVD Decrypter 3.2

Link I downloaded from:ย ย ย ย

This is one of the easiest programs to ever use! It’s not newer, but this version of decrypter is the easiest so far. The link above lets you have a completely free downlaod of it; no bull. Great to have if you ever just need a back up, and even greater quality! I’ve had no problems with this at all. There have been no hidden viruses that were in the download, no hidden offers to have to complete; just this quick solution to never needing discs again really.ย  The decrypted download is stored wherever you choose to put it on your computer, as shown in the destination box. All you have to do is click on the play icon to start the download, and if their are any errors through out the process, then just click retry, and that will take care of it. Be looking for the post that accompanies this on the DVD shrink, which works great right along with this!

Want to write for us?

Ok so with life in full swing for me and Dark it has become difficult to manage everything [Between jobs school relationships…life in general] and sadly TMS has suffered. That is why we are looking to get a couple content writers to help us out. So if you would be interested in getting into blogging or just want to get your name out there then here are our requirements and perks!


  • Must be able to write with decent english. i.e. n0 1337 speek and use spell checker ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Must have a passion for modding / tech news
  • Must be fairly mature [no acting like you are in 3rd grade]
  • PUBLIC RANTS ARE PERMITTED! [You can rant about companies that are crappy and why you think that]
  • Review products as we get them [I am going to be working on this ;)]

Perks / Rewards

  • Get free products [When I get some to be reviewed…. I will be talking with some companies that need some reviews]
  • Get your name out there [We are not huge but we are getting there]
  • Get a kool [email protected] email address [You know they are 1337 :P]
  • Know about the projects we are working on before anyone else

Ok so your interested right? Want to know how to get onto the team? Here is how!

Send an email to tracker[at] with a subject of “WRITER APPLICATION”

Please include the following

  • Your name
  • Nick name you want to go by
  • Where you live [general location is fine i.e. Bowling Green, Kentucky]
  • Why you would like to write for us [just a few lines]
  • A sample post about something tech

Ok so get to writing! We will accept multiple people depending on how many apply.


Get 12 month xbox live gold card for $19.99

Ok so I was browsing the web yesterday and I found that sears had the $49.99 xbox live card for $19.99. Kool right? So I got in my truck and headed on down to the mall only to find that they did not carry them. DAMMIT!!!!! Well I figured that walmart did the whole price match thing so I would just go and get it there for the same price. After talking to 2 managers they said “We cant do that because we cant find it in the paper where they are offering it” Ok fine what ever

I proceeded to head on over to best buy and see what if anything they could do for me. Being it was the day after Christmas there was a long line to get to a customer service rep. Well once I get up there she says ok let me ask my manager. One manager says “Sure we can do that” then as she is doing it another manager walking by said “Oh we cant do that because we have no way to verify it” I show them a paper and they throw a fit saying “Well there is no date on it” I left and proceeded to call the general manager at best buy and talked with him for 10min trying to convince him to do it. Finally after wearing him down he said if I bring in another paper showing the date and that it is infact sears then they would do it. [Rather than look it up on the computer in the store]

I came home printed the papers out and went back in. When I requested the manager come over he proceeds to say “We will only sell you one and your lucky because I have a right to refuse the sale all together” I am like ok I only need one really anyway. So after all that [estimated hour and a half of my time 3 stores 5 managers and 4 customer service reps I managed to walk away with 12 months of xbox live for $19.99 ๐Ÿ˜› To much effort you say? Well look at it this way. The normal cost per month of xbox live is $4.20 I ended up paying $1.65 per month. Total savings $30!

Receipt anyone?

[click to see full size]

Here are the links for where you can get the pages I printed in order to get the card at best buy.

Here are some screen captures in case the pages change…

[click either one for the full size]

Enjoy and good luck. Remember if they dont like the idea of giving you the better deal then fight with them. Fight till they throw you out of the store.. Whats the worst that can happen really? ๐Ÿ˜›


Show Off Time…. My Ride :P

Ok so I am trying to get back in the grove of posting again so here is one…. its me showing off my truck ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok so I bought this 1998 Ford F-150 back in august and was happy because it was my first truck/car. It has a 4.6L V8 engine that currently has 140k miles and is white with regular cab and a short bed. Well I was not satisfied with the radio in it… So how do you fix that? NO!!! You dont take it to a shop and have them put one in… you do it yourself ๐Ÿ˜›

[The radio that was in the truck we were about to take it out]

[Had to replace the speakers in the door]

[the truck is white with a LED underglow kit that changes from blue to red green teal white purple and a couple shades in between it also has different flashing and strobe patterns… Illegal as hell to strobe blue or red tho :P]

[The control module for the underglow kit… It even has a mode where it strobes to the music in the truck]

[Gotta have a good radio right? 7 inch motorized flip up touch screen DVD player with USB and SD card inputs. It also has AV inputs on the front and back of the unit for xbox / digital converter box…ect..ect..ect. It also has a hookup and mode where when you put the truck in reverse it activates a rear view camera. Oh ya and bluetooth for handsfree cell phone use with a mic that was ran up next to my sun visor on the drivers side.]

[Cant have a system in a truck with out an amp and subs right? I have 2 10″ subs with 2 different amps… Ya they dont match. One is a PPI 400 Watt amp powering a 10″ Alpine Type S sub. The other is a Crosfire BMF 600watt powering a 10″ Dual Voice Coil Power Acoustic sub. There is also a 2 FARAD Power Acousticย  capacitor and a cheap power distribution block. Along with about 700FT of hot ground remote and RCA wires all hidden running through the truck for the subs amps and capacitor]

All in all I spent about $700 on stuff for my truck between the system and underglow kit and I am not done yet… I am considering tossing 2 15″ Powerbass subs in the bed of the truck [I have a topper to put on it] along with ANOTHER amp. I also have a friend who is talking about air ride and NOS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Ya I know I take to much pride in my truck