I can haz moar music! – Web based music using your home server.

Do you have a lot of music and want to stream it to all your computers with out storing it on them all. Or on a friends computer/library computer while you are there? Dont want to have to upload it all to a service such as anywherefm? Simple [sort of] solution. Use Jinzora. I could go through and write a detailed how to for getting this up and running but lifehacker as done such a damn good job I wont even try :P. So check it out

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New Macbook? New LCD? Who the hell knows?

Ok there has been a ton of posts showing the supposed $899 mac book update. And other stuff. Well it looks like it might be a lcd or a new iphone or a pile of crap from Jobs himself. No one really knows! Guess we will find out tomarrow at the apple event. Lets hope its not a pile of crap. Anyway. I figured since everyone else was posting about apple news I might as well make a post of my own 😛

Find all wifi networks and monitor there signal.

Ok so once again browsing the interwebs and I stumble upon another kool free program. The one this time is called inSSIDer. It will basicly take all the wifi networks and put them in a list for you. And then it will graph the signal strength. I can think of some fun wardriving applications to pair this with! I have tested it out on the eeepc and it seems to work decently so if you are looking for a program such as this then I suggest taking a look 🙂

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1337 Windows – With out extra programs

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Gettin tired of the boring old windows xp theme?

Dont want to isntall windows blinds and have it eat up the resources?

Well then you need to see this post over at lifehacker. It shows how to use a patch program to be able to install themes right to xp no programs that needed to be running all the time. Make sure you read it over and follow the instructions correctly and you will be happy as can be. If you don’t read the directions and you break something. Well sucks to be you. Enjoy.

Here it is 😀

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Boost your wifi signal.

Who hasnt had this problem? Your wifi signal is just to damn weak for you to watch the latest por..erm…episode of csi on cbs or a video on youtube. Or maybe its to weak for you to even find it. Using a strainer you can boost that signal. I for one know this works as I did my own bench mark a while back and tested things such as a strainer and a old DishNetwork satalite dish. Overall its a fun little diy trick that was able to boos my signal from about 1 block [city street] to about 3. So hit the source link if you want to try something like this out. If not. Well have fun sitting there all lonely with out a good wifi signal.

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Epic Fail: The ISS gets infected with a virus

Ok well the good news comes when I am trying to move [Yes I am moving to a new house]

But it would appear that the International Space Station has a problem…One of the space monkeys on board brought there laptop and this would normally not be a  problem but this laptop had a virus on it. The virus has spread to other laptops but according to NASA it has not effected there main system. The virus itself the ” Gammima.AG worm” is suppose to collect some data and send it back home. Who knows for sure where it came from. [Astronaut porn?] NASA tried to play this one down saying “Oh it happens all the time”. If it happens all the time why not make sure they have some Anti Virus?

Anyway here is the source post from Gizmodo

The ISS is full of laptops, used for experiments, email, or just watching movie rips on VCDs in 2001. But this time, someone’s laptop has managed to make it all the way up into Earth orbit carrying the Gammima.AG worm—one that leeches login data for Asian MMORPGs. We’re doomed!

The ISS doesn’t have a full-time net connection, but astronauts can send email periodically through the Ku-band main data link. NASA reassures us that any virus found on an astronaut’s laptop has little chance of compromising any of the station’s main systems. But it did manage to spread to more than one laptop once onboard the station, either via machine-to-machine networks or thumb drives—so it’s not a crazy assumption to make.
NASA further downplayed the story to the folks at Threat Level, saying this kind of thing happens “all the time.” But still, whoever the fuck-up is that wrote this virus is now collecting massive, massive LOLZ in whichever basement he is currently calling home.

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Free city wide wifi is awesome!!

Back when I lived in Florida the city of St.Cloud put in free city wide wifi. And it was so sweet you could get broadband wifi while going around town. Worked fairly well when you were traveling even. But then I moved to Kentucky. Now when I got up here the only source for wifi away from home was Starbucks McDonalds and a few other small places. Then in spring of this year they launched a new service. There is free wifi service in the 35square mile city limits. This network is sweet. 1 bad part is you only get 90 minutes a day on it. But the speeds are decent and the coverage is almost flawless.

The main function of the network is for the fire police and city workers. But they allow guest access as well.

Outfitted with mobile computers in their cars, police officers will have constant access to information such as outstanding arrest warrants, police records, and license plate information. In lieu of returning to the office to fill out paperwork, they can file reports from their cars, via the wireless network.

fire fighters will have access to graphical information such as building maps, traffic information, and driving routes. The network will help them to determine which trucks are closest to a fire.

While Bowling Green initially planned the wireless network to aid first responders, city officials also want to use the city-wide Wi-Fi for other municipal applications. For example, Housing and Community Development workers will file building inspection information from the field, and completed inspections will be transferred automatically to a main database. They’ll also receive inspection requests from the field.

Now this is no small project. First off they had to get equipment that could work outdoors in power outages give good reception and support multiple networks. That is where the hardware comes in.

Bowling Green’s network is an outdoor wireless mesh solution, comprising outdoor Wi-Fi access points (APs) and centralized network controllers from Cisco Systems. The
Cisco Aironet 1520 Series Lightweight Outdoor Mesh Access Points are equipped with radios that support the 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN standard, which offers data transmissions of up to 54 megabits per second; They provide more than enough bandwidth for data communications and video feeds, according to Steve Milam, manager of network operations for Bowling Green. When the multi-phase project is completed in the spring, the network will include some 800 outdoor wireless access points, spread across 35 square miles. The mobile computers and cameras that connect to the network also support 802.11g.

Standardizing on a single wireless technology ensures that all the public safety departments can communicate with each other. This is extremely important. Incompatibility of radio systems is a common problem among rescue workers. In fact, it is the problem that led to the deaths of more than 100 New York firefighters during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; they failed to receive vital instructions from dispatchers because of failed radio transmissions.

In a wireless mesh, the network dynamically routes packets of information from access point to access point. A few APs have to be connected directly to the wired network, but the rest share a connection with one another over the air. Meshes are ideal for outdoor networks where a fiber connection is not always available. In Bowling Green, the majority of the access points will be attached to the city’s electrical poles, with the blessing of the local utility company.

Cisco’s Aironet 1520 Series wireless APs offer both a fiber connector and the option of running on battery power, which is crucial if there’s an electrical outage at any time. They’re also surprisingly hearty, which is important in cases of bad weather (Kentucky is prone to tornadoes) or bad drivers. While the network is still in its pilot phase, in a small section of the city, the access points have already proven their toughness, according to Milam.

“We had a drunk guy drive into one of the poles recently; the impact broke the pole in two, and knocked an access point onto the ground,” says Milam. “The AP fell 32 feet, and it kept working, running on battery. It had a couple of scratches on it, but it worked just fine.”

The access points also support Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which allows the transmission of electricity (along with data) over an Ethernet cable. To that end, network administrators can power the cameras on the network simply by plugging them into the PoE ports on the access points.

The wireless controller lets network administrators centrally manage all the APs on the network, troubleshooting potential problems and delivering software updates remotely. Mitigating the need for manual fixes is a boon for any network administrator, but it is especially important in an outdoor mesh network – where most of the access points sit 30 feet off the ground and out of easy reach.

The network also sports sophisticated security software that keeps hackers from gaining access to sensitive information.

If you want to read more about this then click the read more link

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Canada wake the hell up you have a deal waiting for you!!!

Well did I get your attention? Engadget had a nice post that I seen

Aparently they have a typo on there website. I went on and configured it. Most of the upgrades and it was still $0

I couldnt buy it tho as I dont live in canada. DOH!

Anyway check out this link 😀


[Update] They still have not fixed it!! HURRY UP AND SEE WHAT TURNS OUT FROM IT!!!

Google Intel HP and Microsoft team up to provide internet in the “White Space”

According toCNET Google Intel HP Microsoft and a few others are teaming up to try and get the FCC to allow them to brodcast internet over the airwaves between the channels. This could be a great thing for people. And could possibly get me better internet 😀

Also Microsoft has released a prototype device that would use these airwaves to access high speed internet.

Source: CNETÂ http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9901260-7.html

Music for all!!!

Ok so thats a simple enough topic. And if you are like me [Tracker] then you listen to music almost 24/7 but sometimes you want to have your music at work or at someone else’s house and cant take your ipod and speakers or anything like that. Well that is why I am here to go over 2 sites that I have been using to make your music listing a little more fun.

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