Asus EEEPC T91!!!!

Well I had my eeepc 701 for a long time [well for a laptop anyway] and I figured it was time to upgrade… and upgrade I did. I got the Asus EEEPC T91 Tablet PC. Have had it for about a month and am prepared to explain the pros and cons of this little convertible pc

First off the specs

  • Intel Atom Z520(1.33GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, FSB 533MHz)
  • 1 GB DDR2 SODIMM memory
  • 8.9″ WSVGA (1024×600) Resistive Touch Panel, w/ LED-backlit
  • Integrated Graphics Controller; Shared w/ system memory
  • 16 GB SSD + 16 GB SD Card Bundle

Ok so its not a super computer but it is decent!


  • Full Touch Screen
  • Screen rotates for reading
  • Small size
  • Great battery life
  • DUAL SD Card Slots


  • Small keyboard
  • Asus bloatware
  • Not linux friendly
  • Fingerprint magnate

Ok so let me explain the pros and cons… the T91 is a 8.9 inch tablet that can be used as either a netbook or a tablet.

Its small size and great battery life make it a perfect companion on long flights or car trips. The touch screen comes in handy for drawing or just playing games. Its also nice for reading e-books.

It comes paired with a 16gb SD card and 2 SD Card slots [1 free after the 16gb] Providing you with the ability of a maximum 80GB of storage space! [16gb ssd and 2x 32gb sd cards]

However it has a glossy black case that is a big fingerprint collector. I myself liked the matte black on the old eeepc but you cant win them all. The small keys take a little getting use to if you have been using a full size laptop but if you have been using a netbook you should be fine. It is also not very linux friendly due to the graphics chip but I prefer windows on a day to day basis so thats not a huge fault for me. The only major complaint I have is all the Asus Bloatware that comes bundled with it. While it is nice if you like yahoo widgets and such I just dont like it. However it is easily disabled and removed in about 30 seconds. It also ships with windows xp home. Why they did not include xp tablet I don’t know but I plan to upgrade this one anyway.

All in all this is a great little tablet for the money and hopefully I will get years of use out of it as I have my other Asus products


P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates life has taken its turns but hopefully the road is a bit straighter ahead and I will have a bit more time to do more on here!

A new face and a new mod

welcome one ad all to my mad, mad mind

Welcome one and all to my mad brain, I am 38 and have been modding since I first realized they didn’t make Stretch Armstrong just right when I was 5. I am looking forward to sharing some of my mods with you and have already begun my first mod for your perusal.

I am currently working on a desk mod, and hoping to have a companion water cooling mod to come soon afterwards if it is feesable (and less than my yearly salary to complete) I have children who will help me with some of these mods, so the little people you will see are not a product of your imagination nor the effect of a drunken night of photoshopping midgets into random posts.

I hope you enjoy and as a teaser this is a photo of my test bed for my desk project.

A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.
A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.

Virtualize Servers – Intro

Ok so here is the deal. A while back I bought those servers if you recall and now I am going to use one of them! For a few months now I have had this old p4 computer sitting next to my desk running a home webserver along with my pbx phone system for my work line. Well it idles most of the time and really is not that powerful and just uses up power and space and does not get much use. So I am going to start testing a couple different virtualization applications and see what one is the best solution for what I am going to be doing. The ones I intend to test as of right now are XenServer and vmware ESXi.

The Hardware!

Dual Processor AMD Athlon 2GHz

3gb ram

2x80GB Drives

1x250GB Drive

2u Rackmount form factor

The Plan

Run my home webserver phone pbx and a few other applications within multiple operating systems within the single server. This will allow me to run both windows and linux along side each other while still having decent performance for what ever applications I may need to run.

Long story short look for my upcoming venture into the virtual server world as I try and get this server to function on a task that it was not intended to perform


Building a new Desktop PT.1

I love building computers. Not only do I love building them, but also taking them apart. Tracker and I [Dark] have striped an entire computer down to nothing in just 1 minute flat. Thats no joke either. When building a new Desktop there are many things to consider. These are just some of the ones on my top priority list.
1. OS
An OS is a very funny thing. If your like me you want a Hack-n-tosh. At the same time you want to run Windows 7 and a Linux distro. OSX is very picky I hear about running on special hardware, atleast if you want it to run well, so maybe you really want to get an Intel processor with an ASUS motherboard because I hear they work best. Now for Windows 7 your also going to need a decent card, not to mention OSX. Linux is happy on almost any system so really if you wanted to you’d be fine getting lower specs.
2. Uses
Different uses of a computer are also important to me. Can I make this computer a Home server? Or will it only be able to surf the web? Will it be an HD movie machine or a gaming PC perhaps? I love all of thee above so my new machine is going to have to be powerful in many areas. But if maybe I wanted to make a simple computer for lets say, Boxee? Then I would be able to not spend so much money.
3. Lifespan
Lifespan is important because even if your computer is outdated before its even shipped (and it is) it still should last you a good 3 to 4 years, hopefully more, but that is very unlikely in these times where everything it obsolete the moment its created.
4. Hardware release dates
If you buy something the day it comes out its extremely expensive, but if you wait to long then its outdated and worthless. So your pretty much playing russian roulette and hoping you don’t shoot yourself later on down the road.


TMS Episode 4: What to do with your old computers – ISP Ranting – Panoramic Photos

In this episode I have some friends joining me! Welcome the newest members Caboose and Care Bear!

We are talking about what to do with your old computer that you have collecting dust in your closet. A rant about ISP service and support and some panoramic photos. This show was recorded using ventrilo and I am not to proud of the quality but I am working on some stuff so hopefully it will get better over time. Any comments or suggestions just post them as a comment I welcome them all





Unetbootin – Any USB or Memory card as a bootable device!

Ok this is a GREAT program. It allows you to turn any iso into a bootable image on a usb stick or sd card. So you can throw your linux iso on it and use that to install it on your eeepc ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are some operating systems that you can select from and it will download it and put it all on your usb drive with a few clicks of your mouse. It is from what I can see flawless. I have used it to test out backtrack3 on my eeepc as well as centos. So if you are curious about testing something like this out what better time than the present?

Best part. Its free!!!



Cluster Computing? Why the hell not!

Ok this one is a video done up by one of my favorite iptv shoes hak5. In this episode of it they show how to do cluster computing where you take all the old computers you have laying around throw a copy of linux on it and use all there processors as one. Kinda kool. I have not gotten a chance to try it myself but im sure it would work great for video rendering! Anyway to check out the episode of hak5 click the source link below. There is more to the episode but that is the part I wanted to post about ๐Ÿ˜€

[Source: Hak5 episode 4×09]


Dropbox out of beta

Ok well I have been using Dropbox [BETA] for a while now because I got a invite from a friend of mine. But yesterday it finally came out of beta. Basically what Dropbox is it is a online flashdrive. You can add multiple computers even operating systems [linux osx and windows are all supported] I am not sure about the accounts now but my beta account is 2gigs in size. Some of the great features of it are file recovery. If you delete a file and did not mean to you can go in and restore it. As a matter of fact I deleted a file a month ago and restored it yesterday. Another nice feature is when you put a file into your dropbox folder it syncs automatically to all the computers linked to your dropbox account. And if you update that file from any of the computers it does not transfer the whole file again. Instead it only transfers what has been changed. This is really good in the event that you have a couple hundred MB file or even a 10mb text file [I have a few of those] and you edit it then it only transfers those few bytes that were changed. So if you are looking for something like this I suggest checking it out.