Reverse engineering game – For the geeks among us

Well thanks to Hackaday I found this clash of clans hack tool interesting. But i have started to play other game and in my own opinion quite fun game. Its called Ruckingenur II [2]. The goal of the game is to use the tools provided to reverse engineer the given electronic device. If you sit and think for a second it is quite easy to figure out. I beat it in less than 30min. But it was well worth the download. It has the look of an older game and that I also like. So have fun and dont blow your self up playing it [You will see what I mean ;)]

HackADay’s post

[Zach Barth] has released Ruckingenur II, the game of reverse engineering. The latest in his Games for Engineers series, it is a full game with multiple levels and live action cut scenes. Set with a military theme, the goal is to reverse engineer enemy items. Pictured above is a lock to a weapons cache.

The pixelized style is consistent throughout. Even the cut scenes have the effect. The reverse engineering is fun enough to keep you interested while you learn. There is an in game help system that keeps you on track as well. Our only suggestion is that he get the best rifle scope next time!

[Source: Zachtronics via HackADay]

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Major Wii Homebrew NEWS!

Well so much has happened in a small amount of time. Iv been waiting for a some major news before I [Dark] Updated the Blog.

First in the news is the first Snes emulator Was Released! This is a major step forward in the development of homebrew for the Wii. You will realy only need about 3 things for this to work, at least from what iv read so far.

1. A Wii

2. Zelda : Twilight Princess

3. SD card.

Now with this hack comes a nifty lil DVD browser. This will allow you to search the DVD drive for ROM’s. This is very useful but im not sure if you can Browse the SD card for ROM’s. I think you can but seeing as I can’t find my Damn Zelda Disc I can’t make a tutorial, or prove it. You can bet that as soon as I find it I WILL TEST THIS!


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Everex delays CloudBook until late February

Everex CloudBook

The Eee PC from Asus has been out for a little while now, and it’s a bit surprising that we really haven’t seen any competitors hit the market yet. Sure, we’ve heard some announcements from Gigabyte and Acer, but those won’t be out for a little while. The first one that we’ll likely see is the CloudBook from Everex which should have made its debut this past week. Unfortunately, it has been delayed.

If you’re not familiar with the CloudBook, it will have a 7-inch screen, 30GB hard drive and run gOS Rocket as its operating system. With the larger hard drive, it has the ability to appeal to a larger crowd, as Windows could be installed much more easily (though Everex has no plans to offer it preinstalled). It will only weigh around two pounds and should give you around five hours of battery life.

The tiny Eee PC competitor has been pushed back to late February with the blame being placed on “the OS being refined.” The new February release date should still make it one of the first Eee PC competitors to hit the market. I guess that it just gives Asus a little more time to polish their crown.

Source: ComputerWorld

Everex’s Cloudbook postponed. Dark is sad.

Remember how we told you Everex’s little gOS-sporting Cloudbook was headed to Wal-Mart this month (today, to be specific)? Well hold your check book, friend-o — they ain’t done with it. According to the company’s director of marketing, Paul Kim, the system requires, “A couple of last minute software tweaks,” before it’s ready for prime-time. There’s no word on when it will make an appearance, though we’re inclined to think this won’t be a major delay, though you never know. Should shipments alight, we’ll be the first to share the good news about this group text marketing via SMS service.


HowTo: Install TeamSpeak on Asus EeePc

Ok well you all know me [Tracker] and you know that I have to have teamspeak where ever I go. Well the EeePc has a built in mic and teamspeak makes a client for linux so I thought that this should not be that hard. Well I soon found out that I was wrong. As it turns out TeamSpeak did not want to get along with my new “HackTop” and would not install at all using the installer. So I wrote up this post so that anyone that is having a problem with this can fix it 😀

*Note* This is under linux only

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