Building a new Desktop PT.1

I love building computers. Not only do I love building them, but also taking them apart. Tracker and I [Dark] have striped an entire computer down to nothing in just 1 minute flat. Thats no joke either. When building a new Desktop there are many things to consider. These are just some of the ones on my top priority list.
1. OS
An OS is a very funny thing. If your like me you want a Hack-n-tosh. At the same time you want to run Windows 7 and a Linux distro. OSX is very picky I hear about running on special hardware, atleast if you want it to run well, so maybe you really want to get an Intel processor with an ASUS motherboard because I hear they work best. Now for Windows 7 your also going to need a decent card, not to mention OSX. Linux is happy on almost any system so really if you wanted to you’d be fine getting lower specs.
2. Uses
Different uses of a computer are also important to me. Can I make this computer a Home server? Or will it only be able to surf the web? Will it be an HD movie machine or a gaming PC perhaps? I love all of thee above so my new machine is going to have to be powerful in many areas. But if maybe I wanted to make a simple computer for lets say, Boxee? Then I would be able to not spend so much money.
3. Lifespan
Lifespan is important because even if your computer is outdated before its even shipped (and it is) it still should last you a good 3 to 4 years, hopefully more, but that is very unlikely in these times where everything it obsolete the moment its created.
4. Hardware release dates
If you buy something the day it comes out its extremely expensive, but if you wait to long then its outdated and worthless. So your pretty much playing russian roulette and hoping you don’t shoot yourself later on down the road.


Jumbo DS Mod

Well I was actually going to post this last night, but I didn’t get around to it. So when I look to buy a new product the first thing I always do is look for creative mods and hacks. For this particular find I was looking into some DSi hacks. While I have found a few PoC Videos (Proof of Concept) and a few flash carts I have yet to see any real progress as of yet to make me want one of these instead of just working with my normal DS. So as I was trolling through youtube looking at some PoC’s I found this. A DS that has been modded to play on two tablet screens! Apparently there is quite a lot of hardware hacking in this, its not so simple that you could just go buy a touch screen and go to town on it. This was really just something that interested me and I would really love to try, but with this recession I really can’t afford it. In any case its pretty interesting to watch.
-Dark (happy tracker? lol)

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EDIT: Just a thought but let me break down the cost that he estimates it would be to make this again and this is a direct quote:

“Parts and approximate cost (you can do better scrounging for stuff on eBay):

Gateway M275 screens (14″ 1024×768): $100*2 (eBay)
LVDS modules (Advantech PCM-205): $60*2
Digilent S3BOARD + headers: $130
Nintendo DS: $100
Wacom pen: $30

Grand total: $580 (let’s make it an even $600 for any other miscellaneous junk). However, _MOST_ of these things were spare parts I had laying around from earlier projects, so it didn’t cost me anywhere near that much. I wouldn’t have bothered if it did.”

There you have it, now I know I can’t afford it! Dammit its just so cool!

[Tracker: OMG HE LIVES!!!!!!!]

TMS Episode 4: What to do with your old computers – ISP Ranting – Panoramic Photos

In this episode I have some friends joining me! Welcome the newest members Caboose and Care Bear!

We are talking about what to do with your old computer that you have collecting dust in your closet. A rant about ISP service and support and some panoramic photos. This show was recorded using ventrilo and I am not to proud of the quality but I am working on some stuff so hopefully it will get better over time. Any comments or suggestions just post them as a comment I welcome them all





HowTo: Install TeamSpeak on Asus EeePc

Ok well you all know me [Tracker] and you know that I have to have teamspeak where ever I go. Well the EeePc has a built in mic and teamspeak makes a client for linux so I thought that this should not be that hard. Well I soon found out that I was wrong. As it turns out TeamSpeak did not want to get along with my new “HackTop” and would not install at all using the installer. So I wrote up this post so that anyone that is having a problem with this can fix it 😀

*Note* This is under linux only

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