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Project Midnight (PT:8)

March 16th, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Part 8 of my ford probe project!

Got the interior put back in!

Then came the fun stuff… Time to install the sound!

I went with some pioneer 6.5’s that I had laying around up front and then I had a set of pioneer 6×9’s in boxes that I put in the trunk so when I pop the trunk I can set them up and have a nice tailgate system!

I paired those with a pioneer cd player I had from my old car and a set of 12″ Powerbass subs and an 800 watt mono powerbass amp. I can shake the hell out of this car or turn it down and have just the right amount of bass

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Project Midnight (PT:7)

February 25th, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Pulled the interior out of both cars tonight…

Here is the 95 stripped…

As you can see the previous owners did not take to much care in the interior of the car

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Project Midnight (PT:6)

February 24th, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Got the dash back in

And got the bumper back on so I can drive it again!

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Project Midnight (PT:5)

February 23rd, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Got the doors and fenders on (hood just sitting in place)

Right before I put the passenger side fender on

What my Shiftboot looked like prior to my fiance hand stitching a new one

Dash out!

Got the wires run for my power locks and windows because the car did not originally have them

I had to splice in all 20 wires into new door plugs so that it would work properly

Shot of the 9 wires routed up next to the firewall

All the wires sitting on the drivers side waiting to be patched into the ignition and 12v constant… Gotta install the power door lock relay also -.-

Ripped the Gray() Dash out and now its ready for me to put the black (with red stripe) dash from a 93 into it.. Gotta sell the airbag to make up some of the funds I have wasted

Tomorrow I try and finish up the wires and put the dash back together!

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Project Midnight (PT:4)

February 22nd, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Fender and doors on

Dash pulled to fix the wires for the doors and replace with black dash with red stripe!

My fiance is starting to make my custom shift boot…

Here is my hand stitched shift boot…

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Project Midnight (PT:3)

February 21st, 2012 | Category: News,project midnight

Came home from work and started in on the probe again

Got most of the parts I need off of the 93 (still gotta get the bumper itself and the interior but wanted to get the 95 started)

this is my 1995 ford probe the way I bought it… rough shape :S

Another shot… Someone spray bombed it red from its original purple color

The interior is mostly trashed there are some saveable parts that I will sell tho

Got it up on the stands and started removing the fenders

I ended up getting one of doors and fenders replaced before realizing that the quick connects for the door wires on the 95 were burnt where the previous owner shorted out something. So I am going to pull the dash on both cars and replace that whole section if its even possible.

I’ll normally recommend younger drivers to give Pass Plus a go – extra tuition and cheap car insurance? No brainer if you ask me!

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Project Midnight (PT:2)

February 20th, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Got the fenders off tonight… Next up taking the doors off

Pile of parts on and around the 93

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Rebuilding the probe… Project Midnight (PT:1)

February 19th, 2012 | Category: project midnight

Ok so my fiance has had a 93 probe for a while and I have put lots of time into fixing this car under the assumption that we would be able to get a rebuilt title for it. Low and behold we are not able to. So its time to buy another!

Tomorrow or friday I will be picking up my 95 5 speed 4cyl probe and fix it up!

My current probe is black with a black interior

The new one was purple then someone painted it red with cheap paint and I am going to sand it down clean it up and paint it black also.

Somewhere along the way the 95 also had the front and rear bumpers removed.

That is where my 93 comes in. I am removing the front and rear bumpers as well as the hood and front fenders and putting them on the 95 (god I hope it all fits right ) and then painting it all black.

Then I am going to swap out the grey interior on the 95 with the black from the 93 just because the 93 has a nicer interior and I like black

Anyone ready for the pictures of the 93 being taken down into pieces?

The 93 in the yard just collecting rust

In the garage about to be stripped

Hood off now for that pesky bumper!

Got the bumper off!

Now for the tail lights

Rear bumper cover?

Rear Bumper?

Hey look a pile of probe parts!

More pics to come when I pick up the 95

I still gotta remove the fenders also

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