cPanel is not secure!

Recently it has been discovered that cPanel was able to be hacked via what is called a cross-site request forgery attack.

More or less what it means is if you goto a infected website while logged into your cPanel server then it will allow them to run any code they wish on the server and even change the root password. Nasty stuff right?

cPanel has been notified of this however the response they gave was very very poor.

“The response I got from cPanel was we can’t fix this because it’s a feature. Apparently, they’re worried it’s going to break integration with third party billing software, so they can’t fix this.”

Now I am not a dumb ass [most of the time] so I know that if the service can be exploited you fix it. If you need a way to interface the control panel with the billing software find another way to allow it to function. Surely it can be done.

Its times like this I am glad that I do not use cPanel for my own servers however if you do run cPanel make sure you dont goto any strange sites while logged into your account. Perhaps setup a VM and only use it to access cPanel? Who knows 😛

[Source: The Register]


Info on an HDTV

First off id like to point out the resolution differences I found this handy chart and it should explain to you whats the best resolution, and how to read about them. Scroll down and take a peek, you can also read the article if you want its got some good information in there. One thing I learned is that up-conversions from DVD players do not really do all that much, I can’t say I expected it to, but now I have a reliable source. Another interesting find on my search was this screen calculator that finds just how much picture you would be missing if you have a wide-screen TV, or a 4:3 (Full Screen) you can find it on this page:;hdtv_l  . Next Cnet even had a fabulous price range chart, which you can view here: . I was only looking for a 32 inch set, and now I know that it shouldn’t cost me more than about $500.00 US . Now if you continue on through Cnet they have loads of information, but I didn’t just check Cnet. zdnet Told me something I didn’t know, there are actually rear projection LCD TVs that use a “LCD chip” as they called it to project an image on a screen, Now how that works I don’t know, but its good to know so that I don’t get one, because I’m really looking for a flat panel. One thing that zdnet also confirmed was that I definitely don’t ever want a plasma. Apparently they have bad burn-in problems, and for someone who will probably leave a game on for a long time, I’m more than likely to be a victim of it. Now this article is out dated, but its not completely useless, check it out : .Well Hope that helps you guys out, I learned some new things, and I hope a gathered some good information to share.


Looking into HDTV’s[Part 1]

So guys I want to get a Playstation 3, Because I hear there are a lot of neat tricks for them, such as linux and emulators. The problem is that I don’t want to own one without having an HDTV to play it on. Now I’m not talking some 64″ monster, I’m looking for something simple yet high quality, a 32″ should do just fine, so I was thinking about going with a Sony but that might break the bank, Samsung I hear are also good quality but I think they too are out of my price range. One thing I defiantly don’t want is a VIZO, why? If its that cheap it must be for a reason, I have been comparing them in the store and the color difference is pretty distinguish able. No that’s not to say that maybe they are not calibrated right, but then again I doubt that a $250 set can out perform a $500 set. So I’m hoping to get some more information on them tonight and ill be ready to show you guys my results in tomorrow nights post! In the man time I’d love some feed back on how your HDTV set is doing! Please share with us in the comments!


No more gMail Beta!


Since gmail came out it was beta. Along with many other google Dating apps. Well now Gmail beta is no more! Thats right Gmail is out of the beta stage.

The reasion [from what I can see] behind this is within this quote from a google exec

“I’ve had C.I.O.’s tell me that they would not consider a product labeled ‘beta.’”

So they are wanting a bigger chunk of the online market and when people wont use the service becuase its beta that is something that has to be changed.

In any event you should not see any other difference with the services other than there is no beta lable on them.

[Source: NY TIMES]


Virtualize Servers – Update

So sadly my post yesterday has become a failed attempt. It turns out XenServer is x64 only and ESXI cant for what ever reasion read my drives. So the only option left that I know of is to run vmware workstation  inside windows and that does me no good what so ever. I am gonna look for some more programs to run on it that would do exactly what I want to do. I will let you guys know if I find anything 🙂


Virtualize Servers – Intro

Ok so here is the deal. A while back I bought those servers if you recall and now I am going to use one of them! For a few months now I have had this old p4 computer sitting next to my desk running a home webserver along with my pbx phone system for my work line. Well it idles most of the time and really is not that powerful and just uses up power and space and does not get much use. So I am going to start testing a couple different virtualization applications and see what one is the best solution for what I am going to be doing. The ones I intend to test as of right now are XenServer and vmware ESXi.

The Hardware!

Dual Processor AMD Athlon 2GHz

3gb ram

2x80GB Drives

1x250GB Drive

2u Rackmount form factor

The Plan

Run my home webserver phone pbx and a few other applications within multiple operating systems within the single server. This will allow me to run both windows and linux along side each other while still having decent performance for what ever applications I may need to run.

Long story short look for my upcoming venture into the virtual server world as I try and get this server to function on a task that it was not intended to perform