China Blocks Youtube…again

Techdirt has a post about china blocking youtube and its really interesting. The government has filters on all the networks so in reality they can block any and all sites they want. Australia was [is?] trying to get a filtering system in place for block adult content but who is to say they wont take it a step further and block any sites that are not kid friendly or what ever. Am I the only one who thinks we should just let the internet be open from filters? Damn you over controlling governments!!!!!!!!!

Lots of headlines today about how China has blocked access to YouTube, apparently because of some videos posted by a Tibetan exile group. Of course, this isn’t the first time China’s blocked the site — it did so about a year ago, again because of videos related to Tibet. Around the same time, it also started enforcing laws against non-government owned video-sharing sites, and took action against more than 50 of them. This latest block shouldn’t be particularly surprising to anybody, but it stands as a reminder that the flow of outside information into China on the internet is like a faucet the government can shut off at any point. The only real question is when did the country lift last year’s YouTube block?

[Source: TechDirt]


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