Click Wheel iPods get some love.

So many have forgotten about the click wheel ipods because the itouch and iphone is all the rage now days.

However a dedicated team of hackers have finally made some progress, the nano 2G can finally use rockbox to some very limited capability from what iv read, Rockbox is an alternate Firmware for you ipod that lets you use it for much more.

They are working hard and hopefully they will make even more progress, Go check them out!

Maybe even download iloader and report back to us on your experience =D. I am currently without a 2G nano so it would be much appreciated if a user could verify this for us.


P.S And update on me, Iv been extremely busy, to the point that I haven’t even been able to play a game! But I was checking up on and old forum recently and found this, enjoy! I have a few hacks/mods in the works so please be a lil’ more patient! As for Tracker I can’t say exactly what he is doing but he is very busy, with what, I have got no clue.

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