Disclamers People…Read them! [Dont be a noob like sammyboyp96]

Ok so today I got some comments from a kid [I am guessing 12 or 13 years old] blaming me for borking his EEEPC. [See HERE] I find it quite funny. For 1 if he would read then it says TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Now see if it really is borked but still fixable and he had said “My eeepc got broke can you please help” then I would have been more than happy to assist him. But he had to be an ass about it and now what does he get? A broken EEEPC and public humiliation because he is now officially labeled a noob.

The moral of this story? Dont be a noob if you fuck up then ask for help not just say “**** you”

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