Dropbox out of beta

Ok well I have been using Dropbox [BETA] for a while now because I got a invite from a friend of mine. But yesterday it finally came out of beta. Basically what Dropbox is it is a online flashdrive. You can add multiple computers even operating systems [linux osx and windows are all supported] I am not sure about the accounts now but my beta account is 2gigs in size. Some of the great features of it are file recovery. If you delete a file and did not mean to you can go in and restore it. As a matter of fact I deleted a file a month ago and restored it yesterday. Another nice feature is when you put a file into your dropbox folder it syncs automatically to all the computers linked to your dropbox account. And if you update that file from any of the computers it does not transfer the whole file again. Instead it only transfers what has been changed. This is really good in the event that you have a couple hundred MB file or even a 10mb text file [I have a few of those] and you edit it then it only transfers those few bytes that were changed. So if you are looking for something like this I suggest checking it out.



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