Fail Of The Day: dumb n00bs on Steam

Ok so a guy sent me a friend request on steam using the name “VAC Moderator” I instantly knew what he was going to try and do and that is get me to give him my account details. So I decided I may have a bit of fun with the dumb ass.

Never tell your password to anyone.
VAC Moderator: Hello, Steam Automated Support has detected multiple ip usage on this steam account This account is in danger of being shut down unless immediate actions are taken. For verification and full control over this account please state your Account Name/Password. Thank you, and for any questions please refer to
Tracker: Sure thing [email protected] password is imnotan00b
VAC Moderator: doesnt work
Tracker: really?
Tracker: it should
Tracker: oh wait
Tracker: Im sorry
Tracker: thats my other account
VAC Moderator: new one would be great nerd
VAC Moderator: hurry up spic
VAC Moderator: god damn
Tracker: why not pay for your own games rather than try and claim you “Hacked” someones account
Tracker: because me and you both know you are not a “VAC Moderator”
Tracker: and you know that I am not really gonna give you my account info
VAC Moderator: i do
VAC Moderator: i want your accoutn for your steam id
VAC Moderator: are you new or something
Tracker: nope not new
Tracker: might as well move on to some other noob because you have failed at life so far ๐Ÿ˜‰
VAC Moderator: may 9 2007
VAC Moderator: your new
VAC Moderator: shut up
Tracker: 2007 hmm
Tracker: this is 2009
Tracker: how is that “new”
VAC Moderator: steam was release back in 99
VAC Moderator: thats how this is new
VAC Moderator: god ur bad
Tracker: I have other accounts also ๐Ÿ˜‰
VAC Moderator: OH U DO?
VAC Moderator: nerd
Tracker: lol
Tracker: so because I have more than one account and this account happens to be newer than the release date I am a nerd?
Tracker: just making sure I fully understand you
VAC Moderator: PJr;dra
VAC Moderator: orly
VAC Moderator is now Offline.

Meh it was kind of fun.

The moral of this story…Read the first line of the chat ๐Ÿ˜‰


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