Jul 24

Fail Of The Day: Network Solutions

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Ok so I am just gonna jump right into the fail here because it does not need a funny back story.

The facts… 4,343 merchants 573,928 card holders 1 company to fuck it up.

Network solutions had one of the servers processing transactions hacked and a malicous code installed that allowed hackers to steal credit card info from the almost 600,000 people! This all happened between March 12th and June 8th.

Apparently Network Solutions knew about the hacked server on July 8th but waited till [if I am reading this correctly] Close of business Friday. [This Friday last Friday or June 10th Friday?]

In any event they did not notify the customers fast enough in my opinion so that is a double fail.

As of right now none of the credit card info has been used [so they think] but that can change. They are trying to make it better but its kind of hard to do with over half a million people effected on CPA Network.

Oh well that’s life…

[Source: The Register]


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