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Hey everyone guess what. I am going to name WHT as my fail of the day today! Why you may ask? Well for startarters for failing to secure there backup servers witch resulted in a week or 2 ago having a hacker get into there system and delete all the backups they had along with parts of the database on the main server. Along with this they made a backup of the database and released it to the web. Ok so they got hacked where is the fail in that? Well its not so much that they got hacked and a metric fuck ton of users emails usernames passwords…ect..ect..ect got released to the public hostgator review [Mine included then again my email is public so I dont really care]. Rather the fail is what I will explain below.

Today around 1pm-ish WHT went down and forwarded to the site and there was no info. Through out the day more info was posted and I have put a image below so that you can see what it said incase they take it down. But long sotry short they were storing credit card info from as far back as 2006. The newest orders they had on there site for banners and Free AJ Membership [who the hell pays for a premium membership? Srlsy!] went through paypal and or did not have the info stored. But any of the older orders had the credit card details from said order stored on there database. Well today the person who hacked WHT’s database decided to release that info to the public.

This is where the fail is. Who the fuck stores credit card info for a week let alone YEARS. That is just fucking dumb. I myself dont even accept credit cards on my website and only accept them via paypal. [Cheaper anyway] They said they were in contact with the major credit card companies about it and will have to wait to hear back from them. However I dont think they will hear much from them. On another note the users who may have had there info compermised should be taking action agenst WHT because this hould have never happend to begin with. Credit card info should enver be stored and all there servers should have been better secrured. If they had followed the simple unwritten rules when it comes to running servers and websites this whole fuck up could have been avoided.

Anyway that is my fail of the day…Oh ya and here is the page as of writing this.


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  1. The long term may be cheaper but from what I have seen if you process credit cards on your site its more expensive to begin with. I have not really seen a need for it anyway. All my clients already have paypal. What credit card processing company are you using?

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