Oct 28

Featured Fail: Ebay Seller Skystartrade

Ok so I do some phone repairs for various local people and one of them happens to be a Droid X2 digitizer. I don’t keep parts in stock and up till now I have never had a problem ordering parts and getting them in a fairly quick manor but then I ordered a digitizer from a ebay seller I have never bought from before. They had fairly good feedback up to this point but there were a couple issues but hey when you are selling hundreds of items your always gonna have an issue right?

I order the part on 10/16/12 and happily await its arrival meanwhile I also order a few sets of LED strips and a digitizer for a Blackberry as well (on 10/17/12 and 10/18/12) on the 10/22/12 the led’s and blackberry digitizer have arrived but the the x2 is still not here. I email the seller and this is what happens.

To: skystartrade
Subject: I haven’t received my item yet: mudslinger1224 sent a message about Motorola Droid X2 MB870 Digitizer Touch Screen (Type A, with Small LCD Connector #160759372269
Sent Date: Oct-23-12 09:14:57 PDT

Dear skystartrade,

there has been no update as to weather this item has shipped. The estimated delivery date was for yesterday and it is still not here. Can I get some sort of update please?

It takes them 7 hours to write out this reponse

Dear mudslinger1224,

We’re sorry for the delay. We did not mean to message you like this. Our shipment has not arrived and we do not know the arrival date for sure though it should be coming. If your willing to wait we will update you. If you do not feel you can wait, feel free to request a refund.

We thank you for your patience and we’re sorry for troubling you with .


– skystartrade
So wait… you are selling an item you dont have? It was at this point I noticed that the selling price I paid has now been upped to an astounding $222 (something like that) so no one buys it. My question is why was I not notified about this over a week ago when I placed the order. So I proceed to file a ebay case notifying the seller I want a refund.
eBay Customer Support has opened a case for you.The seller has until Oct 31, 2012 to respond. Oct 23, 2012 at 4:44 PM
No response so on 10/24/12 I sent a second reply stating that if I did not receive a full refund by the end of business on 10/25/12 I would be filing a claim with my credit card company. The seller responded with the following.
HI, Dear Customer
We already forward your request to my manager, please give him a couple days to process it.
Thank You

– skystartrade
Ok so I figure this one man operation (from what I can only assume) has to request approval from his manager. All I can figure is that they did not have the money and were waiting on another purchase to cover my refund. On 10/26/12 my refund was processed. Well due to the lack of communication prior to me asking where my item was at I left the seller negative feedback stating the following
Negative feedback rating Sell did not have item in stock and never informed me. Waited over a week Seller:

Oct-26-12 16:45
Other negative feedback has been left since then claiming the same thing. But this morning 10/28/12 I received the following email
From: SST Parts [sstparts@live.com]
refund already sent, why negative? go eat shix
This is the level of professionalism that this company wants to project? Well I wish them the best of luck with that attitude.
So for anyone reading this I suggest based on my personal experience steer clear of Skystartrade on ebay
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