Gaming desk..only for the 1337

Do you play games 99% of the time you are awake?

Do you need a place to keep all your controllers?

Do you have $379 burning a hole in your pocket?

If you said yes to any of the above questions then this desk is for you.

It has 3 shelves enough space for 3 21inch monitors and every game accessory that you could need. Now I personally would not have a steering wheel and flight controls and all that. Ide just have laptops keyboards piled up on those shelves :P. Then again I am a “WSAD” gamer.

Pulled from there site 😀

This Gaming Table utilizes a sleek and comfortably placed multi-tiered design, to fit all of your gaming peripherals. Designed with the CH Products controllers in mind, the this beautifully crafted table with its black enameled finish offers three levels of tabletop real estate.? This versatile desk gives you enough room to house a complete CH Products setup, up to three 21-inch LCD monitors, printer and MORE! Include your favorite software and a nice, comfy chair. and you’re all set for hours of enjoyment!

Sorry you guys over the pond

Continental USA Only

If this is the desk for you check it out HERE

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