Get 12 month xbox live gold card for $19.99

Ok so I was browsing the web yesterday and I found that sears had the $49.99 xbox live card for $19.99. Kool right? So I got in my truck and headed on down to the mall only to find that they did not carry them. DAMMIT!!!!! Well I figured that walmart did the whole price match thing so I would just go and get it there for the same price. After talking to 2 managers they said “We cant do that because we cant find it in the paper where they are offering it” Ok fine what ever

I proceeded to head on over to best buy and see what if anything they could do for me. Being it was the day after Christmas there was a long line to get to a customer service rep. Well once I get up there she says ok let me ask my manager. One manager says “Sure we can do that” then as she is doing it another manager walking by said “Oh we cant do that because we have no way to verify it” I show them a paper and they throw a fit saying “Well there is no date on it” I left and proceeded to call the general manager at best buy and talked with him for 10min trying to convince him to do it. Finally after wearing him down he said if I bring in another paper showing the date and that it is infact sears then they would do it. [Rather than look it up on the computer in the store]

I came home printed the papers out and went back in. When I requested the manager come over he proceeds to say “We will only sell you one and your lucky because I have a right to refuse the sale all together” I am like ok I only need one really anyway. So after all that [estimated hour and a half of my time 3 stores 5 managers and 4 customer service reps I managed to walk away with 12 months of xbox live for $19.99 😛 To much effort you say? Well look at it this way. The normal cost per month of xbox live is $4.20 I ended up paying $1.65 per month. Total savings $30!

Receipt anyone?

[click to see full size]

Here are the links for where you can get the pages I printed in order to get the card at best buy.

Here are some screen captures in case the pages change…

[click either one for the full size]

Enjoy and good luck. Remember if they dont like the idea of giving you the better deal then fight with them. Fight till they throw you out of the store.. Whats the worst that can happen really? 😛


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