HowTo: Install TeamSpeak on Asus EeePc

Ok well you all know me [Tracker] and you know that I have to have teamspeak where ever I go. Well the EeePc has a built in mic and teamspeak makes a client for linux so I thought that this should not be that hard. Well I soon found out that I was wrong. As it turns out TeamSpeak did not want to get along with my new “HackTop” and would not install at all using the installer. So I wrote up this post so that anyone that is having a problem with this can fix it 😀

*Note* This is under linux only

Ok so with the EeePc I did this under the advanced odesktop mode. If you dont have advanced desktop mode enabled then ide suggest enabling it.

Ok so start out on the standard screen

Goto the goteamspeak site and goto the download page…once you are there click download next to the linux client.

One you get down to the I Agree right click and then hit copy link location

Now open up a console window and type in the following commands

sudo bash  *this is to give you root on your eeepc

cd /

cd /o8pt *or what ever location you want to put teamspeak this is just the default location of the installed apps on the eeepc

mkdir teamspeak2

cd teamspeak2

wget *paste link here*

Once you have the client downloaded open up your file manager and browse to the directory you just downloaded the teamspeak client to. Extract the teamspeak client and then goto the folder then goto the image folder copy all of the data here and put it into the teamspeak2 main folder…sorry no screen shot…[edit] I realize that there would be a ton of other ways to do this but this is how I did it[/edit]

Now back in the console window type in “nano TeamSpeak”

Once you have the TeamSpeak file open set the directory that you have the teamspeak files at “in my case /opt/ts2/”

Save the file and then type in “./TeamSpeak” if the client starts then you can move onto the next step. If it doesn’t then make sure to check your path settings.

Ok now to make it easier to launch TeamSpeak. Lets add it to the menu. To do this navigate to the menu editor application.

Ok now add a new app in my case under internet. Then click browse and browse to the TeamSpeak file that will put “/opt/ts2/TeamSpeak” in my case in the command line now add “nohup” with out quotes on it to the front of the command so that on the command line it says

nohup “path/to/TeamSpeak”

Now its simple goto the place where you put the shortcut and see if it launches TeamSpeak

One problem with the Connection window is that you cant see the cancel or connect button at the bottom…so after putting in all the information then just double click the servers name on the left side and it will open it up

Now you can go ahead and connect to any teamspeak server you want.

This whole HowTo was written from my EeePC.

4 thoughts on “HowTo: Install TeamSpeak on Asus EeePc”

  1. I’m denied permission when trying to execute the “./teamspeak”

    I’m also unable to get into full desktop mode due to being unable to do the second “get-apt” step not being able to find what its looking for due to being obsolete.

    how do I get around this or fix it?

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