Im rich bitch!! …Oh wait no im not.

I am rich is a iPhone app that does nothing more than display a glowing red gem on your iphone screen. Aparently as a status symbol. (wait what? $999.99 for a animated gif image basically?)

Well I seen this on twitter a couple days ago and thought ‘who would be dumb enough to click buy app’. Well a iphone user known by Lee5279xx has answerd that for me.

Lee5279xx says “I clicked buy, thinking it was a joke, to see what happened. I forgot my wife had ‘iclick’ activated on my laptop and it really bought this app for $999.”

By “iclick” I assume the 1 click purchase thing apple junkies use so they don’t see the “Are you sure you want to buy this useless program” screen This was however ment for cheap stuff like songs not $1000 animated status symbols.

Since his major brain fart the app has been removed from the iTunes store. Hopefully crediting the poor noob(s) who bought it.

Here is an added bonus for you.

Anyone want to give this guy a ticket on the Failbus?

[Source: Vallywag]

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