More changes!!! We are on a roll!

Well my last post about changes were mostly function changes. Now we have gotten into the visiual changes.

You may or may not have noticed that the entire network of sites (forums downloads and blog) have been changed to match a little better as well as be custom to suit the style that I [Tracker] like. As of now the only visiual thing that needs to be changed is the headder on the downloads section. [DARK WAKE UP!!!!]

In any event that is done and now I will be making more improvements. Like possibly offering free webhosting in exchange for active members on the forums. Possibly some other fun stuff that will take place. No I wont give you any major hints..yet 😉

But comment here and tell us what you think about the new layouts. And maybe even some new stuff that we could do to improve the site.

Oh ya and more mods are coming soon. Just bought something that will assist me in doing this 😉

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