Music for all!!!

Ok so thats a simple enough topic. And if you are like me [Tracker] then you listen to music almost 24/7 but sometimes you want to have your music at work or at someone else’s house and cant take your ipod and speakers or anything like that. Well that is why I am here to go over 2 sites that I have been using to make your music listing a little more fun.


Ok the fist site is located at and it is a great site to be able to listen to your music on any computer with a browser. The basic idea is you go on and upload your own songs and then they are on this very nice iTunes like interface

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Now when I first found out about there you only had 1 option to upload music. And that was track by track and if you have alot of music it would take forever. But I went back to the site interested and I seen they had a new program. Its a automated uploader that you run on your pc.

Now I am going to be honest. The uploader is slow! Dont go onto the site and expect to get all your music on there in a couple hours. I am still uploading a week later.

Anywhere.FM is also great for people who have a very small harddrive *aka EeePc Owners* as well as someone that has a few computers in there house and wants to have there music on all of them. And best of all its FREE!! Right now there is no limit on the amount of songs you can upload but who knows what they will decide to do later on down the road.

Now for my next site

Ok I just started using this site but already I love it. Have you ever been sitting at your desk listing to your music and thinking dang I want to listen to something different. But you don’t have anything like it on your pc. Or maybe you just want more variety than what you have. Well then you will hop on over to now this site is kool because you can tell it what song(s) you like and it will find alot more that you might like. Then you can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and if you dont like it well then it wont play that kind of stuff any more. The interface of Pandora is not that bad. It has some kool animations and stuff when it goes from screen to screen. And there is a nice popout window that will allow you to have Pandora in the background.

As far as I can tell you can have an unlimited amount of stations and lisiten for how ever long you want. You just have to deal with some annoying and very ugly banners. No popups tho and thats always a plus. The downside of Pandora is that you cant play what ever song you want. According to there faq they cant play songs on demand due to the way they license there music. But if you ask me that is not a problem. This is like commercial free radio that only plays the kind of music you like. Can it get much better than that?

If anyone knows of any other site that has to do with music let us know. Leave a comment

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  1. There are a few places ive been to that are just like these sites and tools above one of wich is you can upload music vids pics recordings just about anything realy. U might have to register but registering is free. Another was Imeem but i is a shifty site sometimes it lets u liosten to the full song sometimes only a sample so i would not recomend it.

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