New Toy!

So I got a great deal on a HTC Hero for Bluegrass Cellular and got it in the mail a couple days ago… Hopefully I will have info on rooting as well as a review and some other stuff shortly…

On another note I do have it rooted and tethered to my laptop and the speeds are comparable to my home DSL connection…

Above is my laptop through the cell phone

And this is my home DSL connection… Slightly higher upload and lower ping but sadly also a lower download speed.


3 Responses to “New Toy!”

  1. DarkWarrior says:

    Now get this, I test from ~50 miles and get ^

    But at ~400 Miles I get this:

  2. I live in Georgia, near Adel, GA (actually only about 60 miles from FL.) So, I did a test on my DSL and I got this: