Click Wheel iPods get some love.

So many have forgotten about the click wheel ipods because the itouch and iphone is all the rage now days.

However a dedicated team of hackers have finally made some progress, the nano 2G can finally use rockbox to some very limited capability from what iv read, Rockbox is an alternate Firmware for you ipod that lets you use it for much more.

They are working hard and hopefully they will make even more progress, Go check them out!

Maybe even download iloader and report back to us on your experience =D. I am currently without a 2G nano so it would be much appreciated if a user could verify this for us.


P.S And update on me, Iv been extremely busy, to the point that I haven’t even been able to play a game! But I was checking up on and old forum recently and found this, enjoy! I have a few hacks/mods in the works so please be a lil’ more patient! As for Tracker I can’t say exactly what he is doing but he is very busy, with what, I have got no clue.

Whats up with the site?

I know I know there has not been any updates on here in a while and I apologize. Between moving and my trip to FL it has been a very hectic month. Soon I will be moving into an office or apartment not sure what one yet and then the site will resume to normal. Oh and if anyone ever has the option to get satalite internet over DSL or anything else… DONT!!!! IT SUCKS MAJOR ASS. Anyway have a good one guys πŸ˜€


F-150 Radio Mod!!!!!

Ok so before I go to florida I have to put a new radio in my truck.

Currently I drive a 1999 Ford F150 with stock everything. Well the stock radio SUCKS.

So I am going to go out and install new speakers in the door and the back panel. Along with a sub and amp behind the seat.

I am also installing a head unit and possibly down the road some other fun stuff.

I am going to start this tomorrow and will take pictures of everything and explain how it was done.

Look for that post very very soon πŸ™‚


Florida Trip

Well everyone I have been wanting to do this since I moved to kentucky and it looks like I am finally going to be able to.

This weekend I am heading to florida for a week and am going to be going to the parks as well as spending some time with family

In this week time the posts will hopefully keep going but they may be a bit late depending on how tired I am when I get back to the hotel to sleep πŸ˜›

In any event have a good labor day weekend I know I will.


A new face and a new mod

welcome one ad all to my mad, mad mind

Welcome one and all to my mad brain, I am 38 and have been modding since I first realized they didn’t make Stretch Armstrong just right when I was 5. I am looking forward to sharing some of my mods with you and have already begun my first mod for your perusal.

I am currently working on a desk mod, and hoping to have a companion water cooling mod to come soon afterwards if it is feesable (and less than my yearly salary to complete) I have children who will help me with some of these mods, so the little people you will see are not a product of your imagination nor the effect of a drunken night of photoshopping midgets into random posts.

I hope you enjoy and as a teaser this is a photo of my test bed for my desk project.

A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.
A willing sacrificial object for my Dremel.