Feb 21

Project Midnight (PT:3)

Came home from work and started in on the probe again

Got most of the parts I need off of the 93 (still gotta get the bumper itself and the interior but wanted to get the 95 started)

this is my 1995 ford probe the way I bought it… rough shape :S

Another shot… Someone spray bombed it red from its original purple color

The interior is mostly trashed there are some saveable parts that I will sell tho

Got it up on the stands and started removing the fenders

I ended up getting one of doors and fenders replaced before realizing that the quick connects for the door wires on the 95 were burnt where the previous owner shorted out something. So I am going to pull the dash on both cars and replace that whole section if its even possible.

I’ll normally recommend younger drivers to give Pass Plus a go – extra tuition and cheap car insurance? No brainer if you ask me!

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