Feb 23

Project Midnight (PT:5)

Category: project midnight

Got the doors and fenders on (hood just sitting in place)

Right before I put the passenger side fender on

What my Shiftboot looked like prior to my fiance hand stitching a new one

Dash out!

Got the wires run for my power locks and windows because the car did not originally have them

I had to splice in all 20 wires into new door plugs so that it would work properly

Shot of the 9 wires routed up next to the firewall

All the wires sitting on the drivers side waiting to be patched into the ignition and 12v constant… Gotta install the power door lock relay also -.-

Ripped the Gray() Dash out and now its ready for me to put the black (with red stripe) dash from a 93 into it.. Gotta sell the airbag to make up some of the funds I have wasted

Tomorrow I try and finish up the wires and put the dash back together!

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