[RAGE] Microsoft Sucks!


Ok so I have all of my xbox 360 stuff going on [check the forums ;)] and I turned my 360 on today popped in my 64mb card because I was cheap and didnt buy a harddrive. Tried to update the software so I can access xbox live when I go get my subscription and guess what… “You need to insert a harddrive or memory card with atleast 128mb of free memory to update your xbox live application” or something like that. WTF Microsoft really w…t…f?

Ok so I cant get on xbox live because it cant get the files. But wait there is more! It did have enough space to download this shity half assed looking overlay thing that looks like it is the retarded child of the wii and ps2 combined. I miss my old dashboard 🙁

In any event I had to order a harddrive off of ebay for the damn 360 so I can play xbox live and would at this point like to tell microsoft to suck a nut because you suck

I should buy a mac -.-


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