Feb 19

Rebuilding the probe… Project Midnight (PT:1)

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Ok so my fiance has had a 93 probe for a while and I have put lots of time into fixing this car under the assumption that we would be able to get a rebuilt title for it. Low and behold we are not able to. So its time to buy another!

Tomorrow or friday I will be picking up my 95 5 speed 4cyl probe and fix it up!

My current probe is black with a black interior

The new one was purple then someone painted it red with cheap paint and I am going to sand it down clean it up and paint it black also.

Somewhere along the way the 95 also had the front and rear bumpers removed.

That is where my 93 comes in. I am removing the front and rear bumpers as well as the hood and front fenders and putting them on the 95 (god I hope it all fits right ) and then painting it all black.

Then I am going to swap out the grey interior on the 95 with the black from the 93 just because the 93 has a nicer interior and I like black

Anyone ready for the pictures of the 93 being taken down into pieces?

The 93 in the yard just collecting rust

In the garage about to be stripped

Hood off now for that pesky bumper!

Got the bumper off!

Now for the tail lights

Rear bumper cover?

Rear Bumper?

Hey look a pile of probe parts!

More pics to come when I pick up the 95

I still gotta remove the fenders also

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