Retro Gamer: Timesplitters for Xbox

Ok so a few days ago I was walking through the comic con reviews and my girlfriend is like “I wanna go in F.Y.E” or what ever its called [overpriced music and cd store because we all know I buy all my music on cd’s!]

Well im over looking at 360 games and the sales guy comes over and is like “Hey all the xbox games are 75% off” So I picked up a couple games for $2.50 a piece. Brand new xbox games none the less. The 2 that I got were True Crime and TImesplitters.

I played through timesplitters storymode and its a decent game. So if anyone is to cheap to buy a 360 or think that the games are overpriced. Head down to your local FYE and hope they are on sale there as well and pick up a copy of Timesplitters. Avoid true crime tho it sucks :P.

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