Smallest “Server” rack ever?


Do you have a need for 5 file / web servers? Do you have very little space? Do you have enough cash to buy 5 iPhones and a nifty rack for them? Well then the product above is just for you!

IT Media

In recent months some have chirped that the iPhone is really a sort netbook in disguise, and now with the debut of a new prototype, the iPhone may start doing double duty as an ultra portable server solution. Created by Japan’s FreeBit, the iPhone server farm prototype houses up to five iPhones and is really just a showcase for the company’s Serversman software.

The free software supports the iPhone, iPod Touch and Windows Mobile phones allowing you to use your phone for network storage, as a file viewer or as a mini-web server. You can see a video explanation and demo of the entire set-up here.

Interesting idea however I will stick with my p4 file server 😛


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