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New RSS Feed.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Ok guys if you are currently following the site via RSS please come to the site and re-subscribe to the rss. I added feedburner so that I am able to track how many subscribers we have. If you dont currently subscribe well then you should πŸ˜›

You can click the blue RSS icon on the upper right hand side of the nav bar. That will take you to a page that will allow you to add it to your favorite rss reader [google reader, yahoo…ect..ect..ect]

Lets see how many subscribers we have πŸ˜‰


How would you change TheModShop?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009


It has been a while since any MAJOR changes to the overall look and feel of TMS have been done. So I want to know. What would you change? Leave it in a comment and it will be considered.

Contact Us!

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I have added a script that will allow you to contact us with your comments and tips and anything else you could possibly need to contact us about. Hopefully someone uses it. πŸ™‚

The link can be found on the right hand side of any page on TMS and it does open in a new window. Please try and keep the spam down the form does log IP address and any abuse of the email form will cause your IP to be blacklisted from the entire site.


Team Disscussion!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Well seeing as this is only me [Dark] and Tracker, its kinda funny that I call us a team. We don’t generally work together. Sure we discus mods, news, tech, and even game together, but we don’t exactly work as a team. We each do our own thing and try to mash it all into this site. Its interesting and I’m happy to be along for the ride. However I would like to post more original content, as would Tracker, this we have discussed many times. Our forums should be filled with tutorials and we should have many more active members to even expand our little two man team. We have tried to find new other writers to help generate content but we have had no real luck. So I’m proposing that me and Tracker attempt to make every post from now on, a real post. What I mean by a real post is that we actually write our content. I have in the past posed stupid things from engadget and even Gizmodo, but the time for foolishness is over. Tracker is ordering 2 very nice personal servers and will have them set up soon. I’m hoping to do some fun networking mods and tricks with him and his new servers. For example, me and Tracker had at one time a nice VPN set up, however things got hectic and the project fell apart. So here is to a hopefully much more interesting future on TMS!

Also we are STILL looking for writers / modders to simply generate more content, if you have a mod we would love to showcase it, or if you love to talk about modding we would love for you to post your content either here or become a full time writer!


Tags are back

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Ok well I am going to experiment with something. Site traffic has went up but user comments have dropped. I am wondering if tags will bring more people into specific posts and cause more comments. So from now on the posts that are on TMS will be tagged.


Asus Eee Box Available Now, Tracker Want?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Eee Box Picture

So Most People Should know that Tracker is practically obsessed with all things Eee. And lucky for him Asus is determined to milk the crap out of the Eee Brand. Did any one here about there huge list of new models? Well On top of that the new Asus Eee Box- Basically is like a tiny desktop -Which was officially available yesterday. However Wanted to wait until I was sure there wouldn’t be any delays. So the question might be ” Is TMS getting a Eee Box?” Well Probably not at a $350.00 Price tag that’s for sure. Hell for a little bit more I could overhaul my main desktop and have a machine that could crush that lil’cutesy looking “Box”. Although if I was in need of a computer to do say… only internet tasks? and I was in a tight position with money like most people then hey this could be the answer to their prayers. Usually I [Dark] and Tracker need more power, and there are loads of times where I wish Trackers Eee PC could be more powerful so he could help me with things when he isnt around. But the Eee PC is portable, this “Box” is not. So good? bad? Well its up to two things.

1. Do you really need it?

2. Is your wallet big enough?

One more reasion Burst.Net sucks!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008


Well over at the ServerComplete blog [the guys that host this site] are reporting this.


” Well BurstNET has struck again! I submitted a simple upgrade request for RAM for one of our customers still in the BurstNET facility and here we are, almost 7 days later, without the additional RAM.

After pestering the live AIM support agent for BurstNET I found out that the sales, billing, and order processing departments decided to take a nice long weekend, well more like the entire week off.

According to the AIM rep, no new orders have been processed nor have any sales or billing tickets. This really irritated me, but there is not much I can do except call or email them :( The prices at BurstNET are unbelievable, but it goes without saying, you get what you pay for!

Now, for those of you reading, no worries! We no longer are working with new servers from BurstNET and are phasing all existing servers out as people upgrade. All new signups and major upgrades are getting shiny new hardware out of Dallas :)

-Daniel | Server Complete”



BurstNET Strikes again!!

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Well they have managed to F$#! everything up again

After being off of there server for almost 2 months today they decided they wanted to bill me for it

So now I have them threating to send it to collections if I dont pay the $197 dollars or something like that.


Anyway sorry I have been lazy on updating the blog and stuff been busy working on

Thank you Burst.NET

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Well you probbly noticed that our server was down. Well you can thank the guys over at BURST.NET for that one.

A couple months ago I switched over to burst because of the low prices and good support I was getting from the reseller I actually bought the server from. Well this reseller sold out to Burst and then things went down hill. They suspended my server for having a link to the mintirc network on the dns. [] Well these dipstick support techs burst has dident bother to check that and then they suspended my server. After a couple days of fighting I got them to turn the server back on but they had changed the root password. Now once I realized this I went and opened a support ticket with Burst and right after I opened it a tech replied and then my server was suspended again. Now they were stating that the server has a “Abuse” fee attached to it. They also stated that it would have to be reformatted with out the chance of recovery. Well now the fees are racking up.

Total cost of the server each month $75.99

Abuse fee $50.00

Reformat fee $25

Now lets see they are asking me to pay another server bill just to get it online. Anyone see a problem with this?

Ok moving on. I was almost willing to go for it till I asked if they were going to put the control panel I pay for back on the server. There response “you didn’t order a control panel with the server”. Well now thats a load of BS. So then we can tack on another $15.00/month.

Now at this point I end up just forgetting the whole deal and move on. I was lucky that I backed up all my sites and stuff before they suspended the server. And it took me a while to find the right place to host at for the right price but I found it. And thanks to Daniel at Server Complete we have our server again. But to all the viewers of themodshop. This server costs a good bit more than the old server did. So that leaves me to cover the rest of that bill and its kind of hard to do. So if you can manage to scrape together a few dollars and send it to via paypal that would be a huge help.

Thanks for understanding


[edit] Just incase you were wondering the total cost for that 1 month of server from would have broken down as follows.

$75.99 for the server

$50.00 for the abuse fee

$25.00 for the reformat fee

$15.00 for the DirectAdmin fee

so total cost $165.99 our new server dosn’t even cost that much!


Google Intel HP and Microsoft team up to provide internet in the “White Space”

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

According toCNET Google Intel HP Microsoft and a few others are teaming up to try and get the FCC to allow them to brodcast internet over the airwaves between the channels. This could be a great thing for people. And could possibly get me better internet πŸ˜€

Also Microsoft has released a prototype device that would use these airwaves to access high speed internet.

Source: CNETΓ‚