Thoughts on planing a project.


Well Tracker and I [Dark] are starting to get more active on modding everyday items. I’m coming up with a few ideas but I am always restricted. Some of my ideas are easy and really not at all hard. Others will require me to do extensive research and cost me oodles of cash. Those are tw0 things I don’t have, Time and money. We [Dark and Tracker] want to make something we know everyone will love. It has to be unique and it has to be “kool” so to speak. On top of that we are attempting to make our posts and future podcast, much more interesting and to the point, no longer about stupid products, but we will probably keep posting *Fail of the day* Because well, everyone needs some humor.

Now to the topic at hand, Modding. Im going to go ahead and tell everyone my plans for modding my ol’ Toshiba Satellite M45-S169 (Amazon page)
First off, yes this is my main computer. Yeah get the laughs out. It has barely more power than most net books. Yes I know this. I’m getting a new one soon, and because of that I have to find some use for this one. This is step one in my planing, Make sure you have something that you can lose and not be in deep shit! Modding is something for experienced users in electronics and programming. I am a novice at best. So I picked something I can mess up and not really care about. Next is now that I have this object, what can I do with it? Well this is a 4 year old laptop. And seeing as it travels almost everywhere with me, it has gotten its fair share of wear and tear. So now I something to do, Fix or upgrade my object. Now as a modder I’m going to try and kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Not only am I going to fix this worn out thing, but I’m going to give it a few perks. First, a new paint job. Then add an internal USB hub, for more USB ports and internal USB goodies. Now this is the fun part, what goodies can I add? Well here are some of my ideas. Some extra internal storage?, Bluetooth?, a built-in wireless mouse receiver? Multi-card reader? The sky is the limits. Then there are some of my more… wishful ideas, like a built-in small lcd that can display pictures? or maybe even system data? or even better network info? Any way I’m still in the planing stages and can’t even start on this project until I get my replacement laptop.

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