Under Construction: BOJANGLES

Bragging Rights?????

Ok, so we have on here the nice F-150, so let’s add the car as well…these are both projects. This car however kicks the truck so far πŸ˜› This is a battle of the sexes so to speak….the car however has undergone quite a bit more construction. This was MY first car back in ’08, and I still haven’t got it on the road yet; with good reason though. It’s been gradually modified as a hobby and passion since I’ve gotten it! The headers have been shaved down, new head and exhaust manifold gasket, new alternator just recently put on by *Tracker* (only one left in Bowling Green πŸ˜› Lucky me!) and did I forget to mention the system? Oh yes, of course it has that….which is solely why Tracker has started with them! Show off pics so far:

{This is my little Legacy 800WATT show amp, the big amp is under the passenger seat…MTX 2300WATT old school!}

{These are my PB subs….12 inches….gotta love a hatch back, right? On top is two 5×9 Pioneers, and the door speakers have been redone with Pioneer show speakers as well πŸ˜› Note the vice grips…They hold up the hatch back that’s the next thing on the list of things to be fixed: Hydraulic lifters }

{This is the head set radio…also a Pioneer….it’s got blue graphics that play across it to the music…swimming mermaids, racecars, and various equalizers…..very nice toy as well :P}

{This is interior…very well kept, of course. All power too…bet you never would of thought this was a 1993 model!}

{Well, this is all so far…hopefully next post will have a new exhaust…about only thing left to redo on it}

So, this is MY project…..and yes, it may be a ’93 ford PROBE, but this is one car I’m not getting rid of anytime soon! Names mean nothing to me because this is one of the fastest cars I’ve ever driven, and word to the wise: don’t buy one unless you like speed because anyone will tell you they like to be stunted πŸ˜›

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