Dec 29

Want to write for TheModShop?

Category: News

This is your chance!
We think its about time to get really serious about our site.
We want writers who want to be apart of something we hope to grow into a prosperous community.
As a writer (or as Tracker says it Author) you will be able to post all your insite on the modding community and world.
You will be given Mod. status on the forums and will be able to post things on the blog without permission from the admins

(currently this is only Tracker and I)
We hope in the future to expand this forum and help more –for lack of a better term– normal people, and experinced modders
to help make this world a more friendly place, and as fully customized as possible.
We have created this blog to help bring news of new devlopments that might intrest modders and hackers.
We have however some requirements for this job:
1. You have some Background in the tech feild.
2. You can write with decent grammer.
3. You DO NOT plagiarize! This will be strikly enforced. You should always give credit where credit is due.
4. You can show us proof that you are up to date and are dedicated. You should create a post and send it in to

With your email you should also send your Desired name you want to be called by, and you county (we are open to any but its nice to know)

Thank you for your time and we hope to see lots of entries.


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