Jan 27

What was apple thinking when they released “air”

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So me and dark were talking on msn today and somehow we got on the topic of apple and the macbook air…Well here is the convo

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
steve jobs is like michel jackson in a way
·&·$3Dαяκ·$·0 says:

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
they both like to touch

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
*and sometimes flip and flick*

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
mj and go jump off a cliff after his nose

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
and steve can jump off a cliff after air

MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
Something must be in the “air” at the apple designers houses
MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
i mean wtf
MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
1 usb port
·&·$3Dαяκ·$·0 says:
·&·$3Dαяκ·$·0 says:
and its a really hard to reach one too
MµD SLINg£®™~ѕυяяєη∂єя~ says:
no shit

a meeting between steve jobs and the rest of apple

Steve: Lets see how shitty we can make a laptop then overprice it and let the fanbois fight to the death for it

Dev1: We can all it AIR

Steve: oh and make sure to give them as little ability to expand as possible

dev2: lets make it thin enough to fit in an envolpe…not that anyone will care

Steve: The post office will think we are bombers

Dev1: w00t

Steve: Oh and make sure not to give it any kind of wired internet support…make those cheap basterds spring for wifi

Dev2: Should we release some shitty renderings of it to the internet and let the fanbois wack off to it?

Steve: Ofcorse

*present date*


Steve: How did they know word for word what we said

Steve: I think we have a worm in our apple

*Disclamer: Any fanbois that commit suicide because we dissed there macbook air is not our fault and we cant be held liable for there emo attitude


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