Windows Server 2008 + Exchange 2007 + All your contacts = Fail

Ok so I have an exchange email account that I use for all my email and contacts to sync between my iPhone and my pc. [mostly mobile email and contacts because I use imap on my desktop for emial] well my exchange host had to move boxes today and thats fine no big deal. However they failed 😛

They switched from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008. In this process it borked exchange causing my computer to no longer sync.

They are correcting it should be fixed by the time I am done with this post but in any event I am gonna give you guys the fix as well [as stated in the link that was sent to me by the host]

To make the long story short, simply unselect IPv6 from the properties of your NIC AND (it’s very important) make a changes to the HOSTS file. Simply open up your hosts file and make the following changes:

  • Comment out the line “:::1    localhost”
  • Add the following two lines:

<IPv4 address>    <hostname of the computer>
<IPv4 address>    <FQDN of the computer>

That SHOULD correct the issue

You can confirm that this works by doing a “telnet localhost 6004″.

[Source: Network Admin Knowlagebase]


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