Asus EeePc Unboxing

Ok so my Asus EeePc arrived yesterday. So I got right to unboxing it. Just a note…I am sorry about the quality of these pictures. My camera was messing up and caused it to get a little blurry on some pictures. Anyway…here we go with the pictures.

Ok so I ordered it from newegg and it came in this plain brown box.

The tape on the side was ripped when it was handed to me…

Ok here is what the box that the Eee comes in.

Size comparison with a 30gig iPod video and a Sony PSP (fat)

Inside the box

The Eee (no battery)

Opening the Eee

Size comparsen with iPod video 30gig and Sony PSP (fat)

Inside the box

Power Adapter


Slip Cover

User Guide

Support DVD

User guide and support DVD

Power Adapter next to iPod video

Ok and just for good mesure this is the Eee sitting on top of my Dell Latitude 100L


If you would like to view any of the images at the original size just right click and view image.

So far so good with this little thing. It works good and its not that hard to type on. Its alot easier than people say it is. And the screens resloution is manageable. I wrote this whole post up using the EeePc ๐Ÿ˜€


4 thoughts on “Asus EeePc Unboxing”

  1. I got one too, its really nice I Stopped using my desktop computer I Feel lazy to wait for it to boot. I just love this laptop its looks cute

  2. lol ash. That is why my desktop never gets turned off it takes about 4 times as long to boot it as my eee takes. And my eee runs the same operating system

    One thing that slows the desktop down is that I have it dual booting with vista so that brings up this operating system selector window. Oh well. Enjoy your eee ๐Ÿ˜€

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