Fail Of The Day: Aussie Police


Ok so here is the deal the Australian Police thought they had taken down a large hacker group called

Well they didn’t take them all out apparently and a short time after one of the hackers managed to gain access to one of the servers that stores some important data because the police did not properly secure their mysql servers.

A police spokeswoman tried to downplay the breach, stating:

“The [purloined] information consists of directory file names of previously compromised credentials. No information or files exist that have, or could have, been compromised.”

Do you believe that? I don’t…

In any event maybe next time they will make sure they get them all and not just gloat about it on TV!

If you couldn’t tell here this is a DOUBLE FAIL.

  1. The police for going on TV and saying they took the entire group down when in fact they did not
  2. The police for not properly securing servers that could have possibly held classified information

[Source: SMH]


That did not take long….

Well Dark had this idea to up it from 1 post per day to 2 saying he would be posting one as well as me. Well today Dark has failed a mere 2 days after he stated he was going to be doing 2 posts per day. Thus you are stuck reading my rant about his failure. Hopefully he will get on the ball and start living up to what he committed to rather than make claims he can not fulfill.

In any event we shall see what happens tomorrow.

Fail Of The Day: Network Solutions

FireShot capture #28 - 'Domain Names, Web Hosting and Online Marketing Services I Network Solutions' - www_networksolutions_com

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Ok so I am just gonna jump right into the fail here because it does not need a funny back story.

The facts… 4,343 merchants 573,928 card holders 1 company to fuck it up.

Network solutions had one of the servers processing transactions hacked and a malicous code installed that allowed hackers to steal credit card info from the almost 600,000 people! This all happened between March 12th and June 8th.

Apparently Network Solutions knew about the hacked server on July 8th but waited till [if I am reading this correctly] Close of business Friday. [This Friday last Friday or June 10th Friday?]

In any event they did not notify the customers fast enough in my opinion so that is a double fail.

As of right now none of the credit card info has been used [so they think] but that can change. They are trying to make it better but its kind of hard to do with over half a million people effected on CPA Network.

Oh well that’s life…

[Source: The Register]


Fail Of The Day: VISA


Ok this one right here is a epic fail.

Here is the story… Guy goes into store and buys a pack of cigarettes. Guy gets home and checks his account only to find that he was charged $23,148,855,308,184,500.00 oh ya and a $15 overdraft fee. [Sub Fail: Only $15? My bank charges me $30]

Yes that is a HUGE number and this guy was not the only one. There were over 10,000 visa transactions that had this happen to them.

In the end all the transactions were reversed however the error was caused by a programming glitch.

Via Slashdot

What is interesting is that the amount charged actually reveals the type of programming error that caused the problem. 23,148,855,308,184,500.00 * 100 (I’m guessing this is how the number is actually stored) is 2314885530818450000. Convert 2314885530818450000 to hexadecimal, and you end up with 20 20 20 20 20 20 12 50. Most C/C++ programmers see the error now … hex 20 is a space. So spaces were stuffed into a field where binary zero should have been.

Yes this is also a fail. I am no programmer but that seems like a major fail in itself that you would put a space rather than a 0. Oh well at least my account didnt get hit by it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Fail of the day: Nulled Script Users!

Ok I have to bring this to the attention of everyone that thinks using nulled scripts is fun.

There is a site that recently posted an ad on a forum I moderate. The site is called nulledhost.

Now the script they are using to provide the hosting to people [WHMCS] is nulled!

Most of the time I dont care about people using cracked / nulled software because it does not harm others [besides taking a bit of money out of the devs pocket]

However in this case the WHMCS install that is nulled can have possible other issues. [as well as any other nulled script]

There are a whole bunch of possible issues such as the person who nulled it could have injected a backdoor into the script allowing them to harvest all the client details / addresses / emails…ect..ect thus anyone providing information to this company could have there details stolen.

Now if the company accepts payments in the form of credit cards and not paypal [I have seen it] then that also poses a risk of clients credit card details getting released.

So the moral of the story here is. If you cant afford a script then get one that is free.

[Just a note I have mutiple paid scripts such as whmcs and clientexec and have seen nulled scripts get exploited faster than they make a double cheeseburger at mcdonalds]


Fail Of The Day: Verizon, Auto Bill Pay, Bank Of America! [3 fails for the price of 1]


Fail of the day time and yes we have a epic sale for you! 3 fails for the price of 1!!!!! Ok lets get to the story shall we?

Guy goes and gets a Verizon contract [no thats not one of the fails even tho it could be] and uses it pays close to $200/month for the phones. Now here is the first fail…he setup auto bill pay on the account so that he didnt have to spend a few moments of his life each month paying for that bill. Yes that is a fail right there and shortly you will see why. He wakes up one morning to see that Verizon has charged his account for close to $10k. Bank Of America does not put it through rather contacts the man and tells him what they are charging. He contacts verizon and asks them what the hell is going on. The rep he talks to laughs and says yes it must be a mistake. Apparently they assumed he downloaded nearly 45gb of data via his phone that month. [Note: The guy is 56 years old and probbly does not even use 1gb/month on anything as it is] So the rep states that she will take care of it and have the charges dropped. Happy ending right? Oh but wait there is more…

A couple days a verizon rep calls him and says that the charges still stand and he will have to pay up. They use the Auto Bill Pay [see how it fails now?] to deduct the near $10000 from his Bank OF America account and put towards the bill. Now this time Bank Of America pays Verizon and overdrafts the account. [FAIL ALERT] Why the fuck would a bank pay out that much in an overdraft charge? Anyway after a few calls and bank of america calling verizon they agreed that the charges were an error on there part and are going to put the money back into the account.

Moral of the story? Verizon Sucks Auto Bill Pay is band and Bank Of America has a drug use problem [or so it would seem]

[Source: MCall]