Fail Of The Day: dumb n00bs on Steam

Ok so a guy sent me a friend request on steam using the name “VAC Moderator” I instantly knew what he was going to try and do and that is get me to give him my account details. So I decided I may have a bit of fun with the dumb ass.

Never tell your password to anyone.
VAC Moderator: Hello, Steam Automated Support has detected multiple ip usage on this steam account This account is in danger of being shut down unless immediate actions are taken. For verification and full control over this account please state your Account Name/Password. Thank you, and for any questions please refer to
Tracker: Sure thing [email protected] password is imnotan00b
VAC Moderator: doesnt work
Tracker: really?
Tracker: it should
Tracker: oh wait
Tracker: Im sorry
Tracker: thats my other account
VAC Moderator: new one would be great nerd
VAC Moderator: hurry up spic
VAC Moderator: god damn
Tracker: why not pay for your own games rather than try and claim you “Hacked” someones account
Tracker: because me and you both know you are not a “VAC Moderator”
Tracker: and you know that I am not really gonna give you my account info
VAC Moderator: i do
VAC Moderator: i want your accoutn for your steam id
VAC Moderator: are you new or something
Tracker: nope not new
Tracker: might as well move on to some other noob because you have failed at life so far πŸ˜‰
VAC Moderator: may 9 2007
VAC Moderator: your new
VAC Moderator: shut up
Tracker: 2007 hmm
Tracker: this is 2009
Tracker: how is that “new”
VAC Moderator: steam was release back in 99
VAC Moderator: thats how this is new
VAC Moderator: god ur bad
Tracker: I have other accounts also πŸ˜‰
VAC Moderator: OH U DO?
VAC Moderator: nerd
Tracker: lol
Tracker: so because I have more than one account and this account happens to be newer than the release date I am a nerd?
Tracker: just making sure I fully understand you
VAC Moderator: PJr;dra
VAC Moderator: orly
VAC Moderator is now Offline.

Meh it was kind of fun.

The moral of this story…Read the first line of the chat πŸ˜‰


Fail Of The Day: Craigslist Poster…

Ok this falls under the epic fail section of my scale of fails.

A New York man posted an ad on craigslist offering to sell a computer! Hell of a deal too he paid $700 for it and is only asking $500 here is the post…

For sale – IBM PC-compatible computer.

486/33MHz custom-build computer running Phoenix BIOS, 80MB hard disk-drive, 640K of base RAM and 384K of extended RAM installed. Comes with DOS 5.0 and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups and a two-button mouse. Turbo feature still working 100% functional. Great for when you need speed boost. Upgraded graphics to a SVGA 800×600 card that is VESA-compliant and can display 16.7 million colors!!! New-ish 14″ monitor.

Windows 3.11 has MS Paint, Notepad text editing app, and Norton Desktop. Also, 14.4 modem and a trial subscription to both CompuServe and AOL (2.5 software pre-installed). 5.25″/3.5″ dual drive with an open bay in the case if you want to put in a CD-ROM disk drive too. Have plenty of diskettes of shareware including Netscape Navigator, Mosaic browser, and Castle Wolfenstein 3-D! Already has Sim City, SimEarth, Sim Ant, and Sim Tower and Front Page Sports Football.

Canon BubbleJet printer with spare cartridge. Will print all Post-Script and TrueType fonts.

Need to make room in my den for a new Pentium computer that I’m getting.

I built this computer for over $700 so it’s a great deal.

Hell of a deal right? Well one of the readers over at Gizmodo managed to get an email out to the poster before the ad was taken off of craigslist here is the response.

Sorry for delay. My Eudora setting was messed up.

No. Is real sale. I need money to buy new Pentium computer that will run the new Windows 95 program. Is supposed to be better than Windows 3 but I don’t know. Am too used to finding things in Program Manager. The modem is real fast (by US Robotics) and is much faster than 9600 baud. Even though is 14.4, I got it to run at 28.8 with a program i downloaded.

Am willing to lower ask to $300 for if you have a Apple Mackintosh Quadra (850 preferable).

I REALLLLLY hope this is just a joke and the guy is not serious…Oh well its a fail either way.

[Source: Gizmodo]


Also, don’t worry if you don’t like Eudora. I have Netscape Communicator Gold although I just use the browser on it because it reads GIF images and JPG images.

Fail Of The Day: AT&T


Ok so I know there has not been a FOTD for a while but this is the first epic fail that I have came across.

Apparently someone thought it wise to move a fridge full of food and who the hell knows what else into a conference room at AT&T’s San Jose office. Leaving said fridge unplugged [Smart right?].

Now I don’t know if you have ever left a EMPTY fridge unplugged but after a while even an empty one gets a nice oder to it. I can only imagine what this thing smelled like.

Moving along after the smell got to bad someone decided they would try and kill it with some spray. However this spray was not febreze or anything like that it was a cleaner. This combined with the other smells and chemicals that were around at the time presented a nice [possibly] toxic aroma.

In the end there were people that were feeling very sick and made for a fun day at the office.

[Source: Yahoo]


Fail Of The Day: BestBuy


Ok so here is the story. Guy goes in to his local best buy. Buys a Mac Book Pro for somewhere around $2000.00. Leaves best buy heads home gets there and opens the box and what does he realize? He just spent $2k on a paving stone….Now you may be thinking that this is his own fault or maybe he is trying to scam someone out of money but I don’t think that is what happened. What I think is a best buy employee swapped it out so they could get a free mac book. As of right now best buy is blaming apple and apple is blaming best buy and the consumer is fucked out of his $2k. So at this point I am going to say that best buy fails due to there process of checkouts. When the item is something of this much value they should open the box before the customer leaves the store to make sure every thing is in there and its not replaced with a brick.

[Source: consumerist]


Fail Of The day: Think your phone bill is high? How about $26,000 in one month?


Ok so apparently these 2 guys spent the month of march racking up 217,000 text messages between the 2 and ended up getting slammed with a bill for it. Now the fail is not them texting that much [or is it O.o] rather it is T-Mobile that fails in this one.

Get ready everyone this is a MULTI FAIL!

Fail PT 1. The bill itself. This bill was so fucking big it had to be shipped in a box and cost close to $30 to ship!!!!! GO GREEN T-MOBILE GO GREEN!!!!

T-Mobile has sent me a few letters each 2 pages and on each page there was 2 to 3 lines of text stating that the password on my t-mobile account was changed. WTF? Email that shit.

Fail PT 2. They had unlimited texting….Yes you read that right they had unlimited texts and still got billed for each and every text message they sent/received. Now they did start to redeem themselves by crediting the account for the $26k but still it is a fail.

*sigh* T-Mobile is the fail of the day for today.

[Source: Yahoo]


Fail Of The Day: WebHostingTalk


Hey everyone guess what. I am going to name WHT as my fail of the day today! Why you may ask? Well for startarters for failing to secure there backup servers witch resulted in a week or 2 ago having a hacker get into there system and delete all the backups they had along with parts of the database on the main server. Along with this they made a backup of the database and released it to the web. Ok so they got hacked where is the fail in that? Well its not so much that they got hacked and a metric fuck ton of users emails usernames passwords…ect..ect..ect got released to the public hostgator review [Mine included then again my email is public so I dont really care]. Rather the fail is what I will explain below.

Today around 1pm-ish WHT went down and forwarded to the site and there was no info. Through out the day more info was posted and I have put a image below so that you can see what it said incase they take it down. But long sotry short they were storing credit card info from as far back as 2006. The newest orders they had on there site for banners and Free AJ Membership [who the hell pays for a premium membership? Srlsy!] went through paypal and or did not have the info stored. But any of the older orders had the credit card details from said order stored on there database. Well today the person who hacked WHT’s database decided to release that info to the public.

This is where the fail is. Who the fuck stores credit card info for a week let alone YEARS. That is just fucking dumb. I myself dont even accept credit cards on my website and only accept them via paypal. [Cheaper anyway] They said they were in contact with the major credit card companies about it and will have to wait to hear back from them. However I dont think they will hear much from them. On another note the users who may have had there info compermised should be taking action agenst WHT because this hould have never happend to begin with. Credit card info should enver be stored and all there servers should have been better secrured. If they had followed the simple unwritten rules when it comes to running servers and websites this whole fuck up could have been avoided.

Anyway that is my fail of the day…Oh ya and here is the page as of writing this.


[click image for full size]

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Fail Of The Day: Best Buy


I know some of you are sitting there thinking “What else is new?” but best buy is our fail of the day. Why you may ask yourself? No its not becuase of there shitty customer service. No its not there over priced products. No its not there craptastic geeksquad. It is there failure of a recall.

Best Worst Buy was forced to do a recall on some 13,000 26″ HDTV’s that they sold due to possible fire hazards. The TV’s would catch on fire!

No that’s not the fail…

The TV’s sold for between $900 and $1000. So in theory the recall should replace the TV or pay back the full amount correct? WRONG!

Best Buy is offering there customers a $500 GIFT CARD in exchange for the TV. So they are only paying you back for HALF of the TV. To top that off in order to replace said TV you will have to pay sales tax on that once again and on an amount close to $1000 the sales tax in some states would be around $70. That right there is the fail ladies and gentlemen.

The worst part about this is the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is allowing this to happen.

So if you bought one of these TV’s you need to unplug it ASAP and return it. When doing so raise all hell with Best Buy. While your at it give the US Consumer Product Safety Commission a call too.

Best Buy: (800) 233-0462

US CPSC: 800-638-2772

[Source: Gizmodo]