Rii mini wireless keyboard/mouse (HTPC)

Ok, so we haven’t been having many updates lately. So starting with this, we will have a few back to back posts to curb your techno appetite :). Bet you’re wondering what in the world this little thing is…well for those of you that LOVE your controllers that are add-ons for your electronic gadgets like HDTVs, Xbox 360, ps3, Wii, or just a gaming PC, all of which you can see on DotBeasts product reviews or you may already know (or own one); this is a awesome, relatively cheap wireless keyboard/mouse combo to further enhance your PC enjoyment.

This is the features:

  • ·Wireless(RF 2.4G) connection, smart & portable size
  • · To enjoy PC Multi-media Entertainment at home
  • Convenient & efficient for Conference, Presentation & lecturing
  • To share large TV and projector screen
  • Large PAD for handwrite
  • Built-in lecture laser pointer
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Backlight function with a handheld keypad
  • Support Window 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0, Ubuntu-8.10, Fedora-7.0 tested or above)
  • Operation range: up to 30 meters
  • Dimension: 151 x 59 x 13mm (approx.)
  • Weight: 103g

With the Rii remote comes a USB cable, USB receiver, and of course the manual 😉 This remote comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that has a standby time of 500-700 hours! It charges quicker and works longer. If you want to run it dead, it will more likely than not last you about a month before needing a charge.  Also for those of you that either love teasing animals, or actually are looking to purchase a cool business one, this remote has a laser point on it!

I’m sure you’re wondering how much this sweet little box costs, right? Well, right now through Amazon it is ON SALE…was $65.00, and is now $35.00 USD. I own one, and have to admit it’s a pretty fun little gadget to have.


Download site:  http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/DVD-Shrink-Download-4128.html

This is the follow up for the DVD decrypter. This also may not be the newest version, but it is easy, fast, and convenient to use. All you do is click open disc or open files, select from the pop-up which files you want to shrink, and then wait till it’s done! This program automatically sets everything up for you, and saves to the hard drive. I rate the site a 10. They were no spam or hassle, and had no hidden viruses. Great site!

I Give To You…..DVD Decrypter 3.2

Link I downloaded from:     http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/DVD-Decrypter/1011845169/1

This is one of the easiest programs to ever use! It’s not newer, but this version of decrypter is the easiest so far. The link above lets you have a completely free downlaod of it; no bull. Great to have if you ever just need a back up, and even greater quality! I’ve had no problems with this at all. There have been no hidden viruses that were in the download, no hidden offers to have to complete; just this quick solution to never needing discs again really.  The decrypted download is stored wherever you choose to put it on your computer, as shown in the destination box. All you have to do is click on the play icon to start the download, and if their are any errors through out the process, then just click retry, and that will take care of it. Be looking for the post that accompanies this on the DVD shrink, which works great right along with this!

Netflix First Impressions

Ok so I bit the bullet  and got a 2 week netflix trial account and have been using it for a few days and so far here is my thoughts on it.

The first and only dvd I have gotten so far got here the day after I placed it in my quine and it worked and all so no complaints.

My big thing however was the video streaming. I have watched probably 9 movies in 3 days on my computer. Trying out both the media center extension and the browser based player.

From what I can see the media center based player kind of sucks for me because it seems to have a few bugs such as randomly crashing my computer or rather making it to unstable to use.

The browser plugin on the other hand seems to work great as long as you install the silverlight extension. The quality while no where near HD is still acceptable and watchable.

I will be testing it on the 360 when I get xbox live [courtesy of Dark] and once I send back a dvd and get a couple more in the mail I will write a full review on the process but so far I would recommend netflix if you dont want to use any of those ahem other methods.


iPod / mp3 player in car FM vs Cassette

Ok so I bought a Belkin Tunecast FM 2 a while back and to be honest it sucked. I made a youtube video with a way to make it less suckish but it still sucked.

The Belkin cost me $25~ plus a couple hours to mod it. Now the problem is depending on the weather the thing works great. However 90% of the time you will end up with static bad audio quality low bass and you have to mess with it on long trips to stay off of other radio stations.

On the flip side I went and got a Cassette to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter and hooked it up and it worked great! [Aside from a few minor things]

Some of the issues with this is that if you turn the volume up on either the radio or the ipod to much the audio will get distorted but once you find that sweet spot you are good to go! Bass response is great when I hooked it up with my iPhone. Other than my car attempting to switch sides on the tape a few times in my 1 and a half hour trip it worked great.

So to sum it up… If you are looking to get something that can play your ipod in your car and have a cassette player. Go with that for around $10 [from walmart]

If your car does not have a cassette player and has a CD player I suggest going the more expensive route and getting a ipod adapter for your head unit because to be honest the FM transmitters suck major ass.


TMS Episode 4: What to do with your old computers – ISP Ranting – Panoramic Photos

In this episode I have some friends joining me! Welcome the newest members Caboose and Care Bear!

We are talking about what to do with your old computer that you have collecting dust in your closet. A rant about ISP service and support and some panoramic photos. This show was recorded using ventrilo and I am not to proud of the quality but I am working on some stuff so hopefully it will get better over time. Any comments or suggestions just post them as a comment I welcome them all





Podcast Ep. 3 – Voip Free crap bongs and radio stations!

OMG WTF H4X!!!! I have a real podcast now…a bit long I know but hey its real stuff not just crap…well it may be crap let me know in the links what you think.

Long show…Close to 30min long but the content is there.


  • Internet Radio Station thoughts
  • Vonage Review
  • Free crap from NameCheap
  • Free Voip software and where you can get cheap phone numbers (find more details at voiptoners.com)
  • Bongs! [Like for smoking]
  • Me asking for money so that I can do more mods
  • A song!
  • Free Music [Sort of]

Enjoy 🙂

Mentioned Links in the show…

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