Fail Of The Day: BestBuy


Ok so here is the story. Guy goes in to his local best buy. Buys a Mac Book Pro for somewhere around $2000.00. Leaves best buy heads home gets there and opens the box and what does he realize? He just spent $2k on a paving stone….Now you may be thinking that this is his own fault or maybe he is trying to scam someone out of money but I don’t think that is what happened. What I think is a best buy employee swapped it out so they could get a free mac book. As of right now best buy is blaming apple and apple is blaming best buy and the consumer is fucked out of his $2k. So at this point I am going to say that best buy fails due to there process of checkouts. When the item is something of this much value they should open the box before the customer leaves the store to make sure every thing is in there and its not replaced with a brick.

[Source: consumerist]


4 thoughts on “Fail Of The Day: BestBuy”

  1. these happened to me once. I bought a very expensive radar detector and it wasn’t in the box, a nice rock was. Thankfully, I kept all the shrink wrap and packaging, and the manager could tell it wasn’t legit shrink wrap, clearly something someone did in the store or at home, so I didn’t get fucked.

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