Fail of the day: Nulled Script Users!

Ok I have to bring this to the attention of everyone that thinks using nulled scripts is fun.

There is a site that recently posted an ad on a forum I moderate. The site is called nulledhost.

Now the script they are using to provide the hosting to people [WHMCS] is nulled!

Most of the time I dont care about people using cracked / nulled software because it does not harm others [besides taking a bit of money out of the devs pocket]

However in this case the WHMCS install that is nulled can have possible other issues. [as well as any other nulled script]

There are a whole bunch of possible issues such as the person who nulled it could have injected a backdoor into the script allowing them to harvest all the client details / addresses / emails…ect..ect thus anyone providing information to this company could have there details stolen.

Now if the company accepts payments in the form of credit cards and not paypal [I have seen it] then that also poses a risk of clients credit card details getting released.

So the moral of the story here is. If you cant afford a script then get one that is free.

[Just a note I have mutiple paid scripts such as whmcs and clientexec and have seen nulled scripts get exploited faster than they make a double cheeseburger at mcdonalds]


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