HowTo: Enable Full Desktop on Asus EeePc

Ok so you have your new little pc sitting infront of you but you dont like that tabbed interface and wish you had a full desktop to work with…Well here are the simple and quick instructions.

Howto after the break

Ok now how to do this is very easy and quick.

First connect to a network weather it be wired or wireless. Once connected push “ctrl+alt+t” to open up a console window. Once this window is open type in “apt-get update” (no quotes on any of this) after the list has updated type in “apt-get install kicker” then once that is finished type in “apt-get install ksmserver”. Now you can push the power button and go then click full desktop and you have your desktop good to go. Now if you want to get this every time you boot goto the settings tab and then selected personalization. Then select Full Desktop insted of Easy Mode and you are good to go.

Questions post them in a comment and I will answer them asap

4 thoughts on “HowTo: Enable Full Desktop on Asus EeePc”

  1. Did you type in Sudo Bash before typing in anything else?

    [edit] It seems I forgot to add that on this list…before typing any of the apt-get commands you need to type in “sudo bash” this will give you root access so be careful with what you do while you have it

  2. When I try to get the ksmserver, it says… “package ksmserver is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source.” any ideas?

  3. i installed the scale drivers for my eeepc 4g surf and when i plugin an external monitor it doesn’t recognize it, i also have xp sp2 on it, not a linux distribution so i was wondering if there was a way to enable an xp eeepc to recognize external monitors with windows xp sp2

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