Info on an HDTV

First off id like to point out the resolution differences I found this handy chart and it should explain to you whats the best resolution, and how to read about them. Scroll down and take a peek, you can also read the article if you want its got some good information in there. One thing I learned is that up-conversions from DVD players do not really do all that much, I can’t say I expected it to, but now I have a reliable source. Another interesting find on my search was this screen calculator that finds just how much picture you would be missing if you have a wide-screen TV, or a 4:3 (Full Screen) you can find it on this page:;hdtv_l  . Next Cnet even had a fabulous price range chart, which you can view here: . I was only looking for a 32 inch set, and now I know that it shouldn’t cost me more than about $500.00 US . Now if you continue on through Cnet they have loads of information, but I didn’t just check Cnet. zdnet Told me something I didn’t know, there are actually rear projection LCD TVs that use a “LCD chip” as they called it to project an image on a screen, Now how that works I don’t know, but its good to know so that I don’t get one, because I’m really looking for a flat panel. One thing that zdnet also confirmed was that I definitely don’t ever want a plasma. Apparently they have bad burn-in problems, and for someone who will probably leave a game on for a long time, I’m more than likely to be a victim of it. Now this article is out dated, but its not completely useless, check it out : .Well Hope that helps you guys out, I learned some new things, and I hope a gathered some good information to share.


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