Laptop Lowjack…kinda


Ok so here is the deal. You goto a gamer meetup (ShmooCon perhaps?) and you take your brand new laptop. Well what happens if it gets stolen?
Well in the past you eather hoped that the person gives it back. Or that you have paid for LowJack. But chances are you just lost your new laptop

Well I [Tracker] was hopping around on the net early this morning when I stumbled upon a neat little program to help you in this scenario.

The people over at LaptopLock ( have a neat little program that will call home every time your laptop connects to the interne. If you have reported it as stolen then it will encrypt the files you want as well as some other options you can set. And then it will send you all the information it could gather to help you track down where it is.

[Quote from laptoplock site]

“If the computer is stolen, login into your account, mark the computer status as stolen. As soon as that machine connects to the Internet, the actions you set during setup will execute. The LaptopLock will also try to find out as much as possible about the connection to help in recovery of the machine. THE LAPTOPLOCK DOES NOT MONITOR OR RECORD USER ACTIONS. THE LAPTOPLOCK DOES NOT ALLOW ANYONE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER OR DATA. THE LAPTOPLOCK CAN ONLY EXECUTE ACTIONS THE USER HAS PRE-PROGRAMMED IT WITH.”

So head on over to and check it out if you are scared someone is going to steal your laptop

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