Looking into HDTV’s[Part 1]

So guys I want to get a Playstation 3, Because I hear there are a lot of neat tricks for them, such as linux and emulators. The problem is that I don’t want to own one without having an HDTV to play it on. Now I’m not talking some 64″ monster, I’m looking for something simple yet high quality, a 32″ should do just fine, so I was thinking about going with a Sony but that might break the bank, Samsung I hear are also good quality but I think they too are out of my price range. One thing I defiantly don’t want is a VIZO, why? If its that cheap it must be for a reason, I have been comparing them in the store and the color difference is pretty distinguish able. No that’s not to say that maybe they are not calibrated right, but then again I doubt that a $250 set can out perform a $500 set. So I’m hoping to get some more information on them tonight and ill be ready to show you guys my results in tomorrow nights post! In the man time I’d love some feed back on how your HDTV set is doing! Please share with us in the comments!


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